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Yamaha HS Series : The Industry Standard Studio Monitor Range

The Yamaha HS Series of studio monitors have become the industry standard, and for good reason.


Yamaha HS Series : The Industry Standard Studio Monitor Range


Here to Stay

Since the launch of the series two in 2013, the Yamaha HS series has taken over as the speaker choice in countless studios. Ask any studio engineer, mastering engineer or bedroom producer, and the chances are they have experienced one of the three speakers within the Yamaha HS range.

Noticeably Different

Yamaha have been designing near-field monitors since the 1970’s. Yamaha’s trademark sonic stamp and rigid design is still evident in the latest HS series. The well known and unmistakable white drive unit, present in all speakers within the Yamaha HS series, delivers a tight and clear bass with an emphasis on a true  sound. Unlike many other commercial studio monitors, the Yamaha’s do not try and trick you by overly amplifying the bass frequencies; they are more honest and transparent, and it shows.

Yamaha HS Series : The Industry Standard Studio Monitor Range

Yamaha HS Series- A Size for Any Studio 

With three options in the Yamaha HS Series, you can choose depending on your requirements and room dimensions. The smallest in the HS range is the HS5, where the ‘5’ in the model name refers to the diameter of the woofer driver, in this case a modest 5 inches. All speakers in the Yamaha HS Series are bi-amped, with the HS5 providing 70 watts of power to the low frequency drive unit and tweeter which is is perfect for a small room. The power of the bass from the Yamaha HS5 will not be enough to break your windows, but it is more than sufficient for mixing tracks at home and enjoying your creations.

Plenty of Power

The two other speakers in Yamaha’s HS range are the HS7 and HS8, with 6.5″ and 8″ woofer units respectively. The 95 watts from the Yamaha HS7 makes for an effective near-field studio monitor in a majority of settings.  The HS8’s deliver 120 watts of power, which is essential for more demanding setups. All speakers in the Yamaha HS series have high performance amplifiers, that are designed to give you as flat a frequency response as they can. Therefore, whether they need to cope with the consistent lows of techno or the dynamic details of acoustic recordings, you can be assured that the HS speakers will impress, which is what makes them so hard to beat.

Under Your Control

Every room is different; be it a standard bedroom or acoustically treated studio, the Yamaha HS speakers can be used to their full potential. Yamaha’s ROOM CONTROL enables you to adjust the low-end. Frequency controls are useful for when the speakers need to be close to the wall and there is unwanted bass  resonating throughout the room. All speakers in the Yamaha HS series have HIGH TRIM for changes to the level of top-end frequencies. Input wise, the Yamaha HS series has the option of XLR or TRS jacks which accommodate the majority of input sources.


Yamaha HS Series : The Industry Standard Studio Monitor Range


Added Flexibility

Also within the range is the HS-I speakers. The only difference between the HS-I and the rest of the range is the bracket to mount onto a wall or ceiling. All of the above are evidence for why the  Yamaha HS series has achieved many industry awards and reassuringly so, making them honest and reliable speakers.

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