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Denon enjoys an illustrious 100 year history that has delivered unparalleled audio entertainment for people all around the world.

The company may have begun life back in 1910, but they are a truly modern, forward-thinking brand that has successfully adapted to the ever-changing DJ world. The brand is a mainstay in clubs and DJ booths the world over.

After all, it was Denon that kick-started the digital DJ revolution with the launch of the DN-2000F back in 1991.

Denon is also renowned for its innovative engineering and technological advancements, ever since the debut of its first ever dual rack-mount CD decks.

Having adapted to the changing DJ landscape, Denon remains at the top of the DJ pile, thanks to the success of digital DJ models such as the MC6000 controller and the SC3900 media player.

Explore our dedicated Denon range to discover this pioneering brand for yourself.


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  1. Denon DJ HP1100 DJ Headphones

    Denon DJ HP1100 DJ Headphones

    When the only option is the best, the Denon DJ HP1100 headphones are the way to go. Their oversized 53mm drivers—the largest in their class—deliver unparalleled bass response and impact. ✅ Comfortable headband for long-term use ✅ Semi-coiled soft insulated cord Learn More


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  2. Denon MC 4000 top

    Denon MC4000 2 Channel USB DJ Controller

    This controller for Denon DJ is a great controller which has several high end features at a lower price point. ✅ 2 channel controller ✅ Works with a variety of software including Serato DJ, Traktor & Virtual DJ ✅ User upgradable to Serato DJ Pro *With 50% off Voucher whilst stocks last* Learn More


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  3. Denon DJ - MCX8000  - top

    Denon MCX8000 4 Channel Standalone USB DJ Controller

    Denon DJ's first stand-alone controller is jam-packed with features that any discerning DJ would love. Can be used with or without a laptop so has a multitude of applications. ✅ Serato DJ Pro included for use with a laptop ✅ 2 USB Slots for use in stand-alone mode ✅ DVS Upgrade ready Learn More


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  4. main

    Denon Prime 4 Standalone 4 Channel USB DJ Controller

    *Pre-Orders are being taken now, stock will be extremely limited, we recommend pre-ordering asap, please call 0121 224 7650 for more information*

    ✅ Adjustable 10 inch multi-gesture touchscreen
    ✅ Independent Zone control, feed music to another room via the second master XLR output.
    ✅ Built in 2.5 inch SATA Hardive bay....Take your music everywhere
    ✅ 4 channels of music direct from your USB, turntable & CDJ via line/phono input.

    Learn More


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  5. angle

    Denon Prime SC5000 Media Player

    The Denon SC5000 expands the possibilities of DJ'ing with never before seen features at an unbeatable price point.

    ✅ Full colour touch screen with gesture control
    ✅ Dual layer deck, play and control 2 tracks with 1 deck
    ✅ Plays mp3, wav, AIFF and now with Rekordbox support

    Learn More


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  6. top-view-1

    Denon Prime SC5000M Motorised Media Player

    The SC5000M is the world’s only DJ media player with 7” motorised platter.

    ✅ Motorised platter with real 7” vinyl
    ✅ Adjustable vinyl tension for slip/scratch control
    ✅ Dual-layer playback with individual audio outputs

    Learn More


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  7. Denon VL12 TOP

    Denon Prime VL12 Direct Drive Turntable

    The VL12 is the flagship turntable from Denon crammed with features for turntablists such as; ✅ Quartz Locked Direct Drive for a smooth playing experience. ✅ Highest in class torque levels ✅ Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV) ✅ Dual speed operation, to suit all turntablists. ✅ Highly adjustable pitch range with +8%, +16% as well as +50% ✅ Customisable colouring to suit all DJs and their tastes. Learn More


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  8. Denon DJ - X1800 Mixer - Top

    Denon Prime X1800 4 Channel DJ Mixer

    The new standard bearer in the mixer market, the X1800 is serious kit for serious users

    ✅ Designed for the Prime range
    ✅ Superb build quality
    ✅ Pushes the boundaries of what mixers can do

    Learn More


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