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DJ Audio Interfaces

An audio interface enhances the sound output of your computer. Most computer soundcards + outputs are not intended for the higher resolution output associated with Djing or any form of music production.

Most computers offer a single input and output. You'll find when you're producing music or DJing, that you'll need more flexibility. Having multiple inputs it allows you to record from more than one device.

Multiple outputs allow you to send your output to multiple sources. If you would like to perform a live set while recording into a recording device, you'll need separate outputs. If you're in a club situation where you have separate master speakers and booth speakers, you'll need separate outputs if you want to adjust the sound of the two speaker sets separately.

For DJs who are mixing solely on their computer, a DJ interface adds a 2nd output for headphone volume.

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A DJ audio interface offers all of this digital to analogue signal interfacing but the with the specific benefit of dedicated features to suit a DJ's needs. These features will include a dedicated headphone output as well as a 'master output', (for DJ style monitoring)  just like on a DJ mixer. Some also offer phono inputs, enabling DVS operation (with time code vinyl), as well as direct recording of DJ turntables. You'll even find microphone inputs and LED level meters.. basically replicating DJ mixer features, for use with DJ software.

Some DJ audio interfaces can double up as an interface for music production or studio use, being not just an essential accessory for computer DJs but also a tool for computer music producers too.

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