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DJ Effects

Applying effects to your music whilst mixing is a creative way of making a track your own and another method of mastering the seamless mix. We sell a variety of  DJ effect units that provide all the tools to add that finishing touch to your DJ set.

The DJ effect unit is usually connected to your DJ mixer via the fx send and return. Using the send and return feature means you can apply your effect of choice to individual or a combination of channels.

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Aside from the standard DJ effects; flanger, phaser, filter, echo and reverb we also sell effects units which combine these FX to radically alter and rearrange your music. For example the latest effects units from Pioneer including the RMX500 and RMX1000 have dedicated sections for breakdowns and buildups. We also sell DJ effects units, which double up for use in the studio, as controllers and come with acomanying plugins for your DAW. This is perfect for the modern DJ  who enjoys music production.


To personalise your DJ set or even add an extra performance element samplers can be used to trigger sounds. These can be radio jingles or sound effects or additional percussion or drum samples. Samplers such as the Akai MPX8 are also velocity sensitive meaning they can play samples at different volumes and also double up as a DJ controller meaning additional samples and features can be accessed and edited on your DJ software.


At our Birmingham DJ superstore we have plenty of effects units on demo setup with accompanying CD Decksmixers and DJ controllers

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