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DJ LED Disco Lighting

Nothing screams “party time” better than DJ LED disco lighting which is why we’re proud to stock many varieties of party-starting lights to suit all budgets. Whether you’re taking your first steps in your DJ career or are a recognised veteran that’s been playing the scene for years, our kitspar cans and DMX compatible lights won’t leave you or your crowd disappointed.

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Here at DJ Tech Direct, we stock the latest LED disco lighting technology - lighting fixtures which reduce heat output and save energy costs while maintaining an awesome display.


There are many advantages of using LED lighting. For instance, if you are going to be using your lighting outdoors, LED will be a more suitable option as they are generally a lot more visible during the day than your typical halogen lamp fixture.


Thanks the advance in LED disco lighting, you have a lot more variety available at more modest budgets compared that what you have with the traditional method of using different colour gel sheets and a white light. Just as with your television at home, the three basic colours, red, green and blue (RGB) LEDS can be combined into 16.7million different colours, combine this with the addition of orange and white LEDS you have a new warmth from LEDs too


On top of this, if you combine LED disco lighting fixtures with a DMX lighting controller you can control individual aspects of the lighting performance such as the pattern of the LED operation, intensity of the light from various colours and even the chase, strobe and fades as you could with halogen lighting controllers. 


Who wants to the venue and find out that your lighting has gone past its life expectancy? Or has been damaged during transportation? By using LED disco lighting units, you can minimise this risk and find LEDs also offer a far greater life expectancy with and far less components that can be damaged in operation and transportation.


As a further benefit, the LED illumination creates a lot more comfortable performance for you by eradicating the heat associated with traditional halogen lighting, along with eliminating any chances of burns or damage to equipment within the vicinity. There's no waiting time for lighting units to cool down after the gig either!


LED technology has come so far that new 1 watt, 3 watt, 10 watt and even 20 watt LEDs are available - all of which can offer a brighter, sharper and more efficient lighting effect than tradition 250w halogen lamps!

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