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Smoke Fluid

Smoke Fluid, as the name suggests, is to be used with your Smoke machine, fog machines or fogger. 

Smoke fluid comes in various formula types. Dense fluid creates a thick, long lasting effect while light fluid is less noticeable and lighter. You can also get low level fluid for dry ice style effects and fast dispersing vapour blast CO2 cannon style fluid. You can also add fragrance to the fluid for a pleasant, lasting aroma.

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Smoke fluid for smoke machines, fog machines or foggers, different densities for thicker / lighter effects, 1l, 5l bottler, low-level dry ice effect, vapour blast (quickly dispersing) like co2 cannon from any smoke machine


As the name suggests this is to be used with your Smoke machines, fog machines or fogger, otherwise you will have a rather large book end. It can come in various different formulas, to suit each different need. A dense fluid will give you a thicker, longer lasting effect, while a lighter one will disperse more quickly and will be less noticeable, somewhere between thick fluid and haze fluid.


Of course we can supply you with different volumes, from 1litre - 5litre, so you can be safe in the knowledge you are never going to run out at the worse possible time. On top of this if you fancy giving it a funky smell to match your music, we can provide you with Aroma fluid, with different fragrances such as tropical, mint, and even energy drink.


Using the right fluid will give you the ability to create a dry ice style effect, as well as a fast dispersing co2 cannon vapour blast effect to create take the audiences breath away. Of course you are going to keep this in tip-top condition and we have the suitable cleaning fluid for you here at DJ Tech Direct.

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