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FireWire Audio Interfaces

A FireWire audio interface allows you to connect various audio sources to computer, including guitars or bass instruments, studio microphones and DJ mixers. Just like a USB audio interface, a Firewire interface will allow music to be played back and recorded direct to computer, creating a recording studio when used with computer music production software and DAWs. See the bottom of the page for more information about the differences between USB Audio Interfaces and FireWire Audio Interfaces.

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FireWire audio interfaces offer benefits over USB which include the fact that they operate with a higher bandwidth than USB 2.0, therefore can handle a higher rate of data.

Because a FireWire audio interface can handle more data, a FireWire audio interface will generally offer more inputs and outputs. 

Due to the way FireWire connectivity protocal works, a FireWire audio interface actually streams continuous signal of data. USB by contrast receives 'packets' of data. Now, although the USB transfer rate is impressive and reliable, a FireWire connection is continous and more stable... pure fact of mathematics. 

The biggest factor in FireWire audio interface performance will generally relate to the fact that your FireWire interface is the only device using this form of connection, so there's no competition for data exchange or processing meaning there's less chance that an issue could arise. 

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