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PA Amplifiers

A PA power amplifier provides power to your passive PA speakers. Power amplifiers are specifically designed for high-power amplification and will have protective features, such as fan cooling and DC protection to offer a stable and reliable performance.

So if you have your passive speakers, then you are going to want its brother, the PA Amplifier.

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So if you have your passive speakers, then you are going to want its brother, the PA Amplifier. But what is it that you need to look for in the amplifier? The right amount of wattage, along with the right features to go with your PA system. When you are matching up your amp to the system, a rule of thumb to follow is, to pick an amp that can deliver power that is equal to twice the programs speaker rating. So a speaker that has a power rating of 350 watts and a nominal impendence of 8 ohms, you will require an amp that can support 700 watts into an 8 ohm load.


If you go with an amplifier that has a little bit of extra ‘headroom’, this will help to assure you that only clean undistorted power will get to the speakers, which is only going to have a positive impact on the sound, as with the wide variations in music, without the headroom you may start to find that the music is distorting too frequently. You will need to take into account the amount of ohm’s also, to get an optimum performance then you should look to get the speakers ohm to match that of the amplifier.


Power amps will have protective features, so it is worth considering these for the location of where the amp is going to be in the set up, as some may be more beneficial to you than others. A lot will offer heat protection, which will shut the unit down before it is too late, possibly caused a clogged filter or the surroundings are causing the overheating. They can also offer short circuit protection, which will protect it from the shock of a short circuit, it could also offer low impendence protection, and therefore if the impendence of the speakers is too low, the amp will shut itself down.


If the amp is turned on without the speakers attached, then no-load operation protection will make sure that the amp does not come to any harm. You can also get amps that have vhf clippers, which will avoid any damage that can be cause by frequencies that are outside of the audible range, as well as clip limiter which will prevent any damage caused by clipping.

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