10 steps to buying on finance from DJ Tech Direct
Great News!! You can now process your own finance application on any order over £500 from the comfort of your own home (or work if the boss isn't looking) as finance is now available as a payment option not just over the phone or in store but on the website too! Below is a step by step guide taking you through the steps of ordering products and paying on finance. 1-Platinum landing page Step 1. When on a product page you will see beneath the 'Add to Cart' button you will see a 'Buy on finance from 12-36 months' button. This button will only show up on items over £500. However it is possible to combine items to take the total to an amount that enables you to purchase using the scheme. 2-Platinum landing page

Step 2. Having clicked the button the page scrolls down to a finance calculator.Within this section you are able to see the relevant information in regards the payments, deposit and interest amount. The aim of this is to make it a clear as possible for you to understand the amount you are borrowing and for how long.

3-platinum finance shotStep 3. Using the 'drop down' menu within the table you can select the term of the credit agreement to best suit your needs. Payback over a shorter period of time and pay less interest, or pay back over a longer length of time with lower monthly payments. 12, 18, 24 and 36 month repayment options are available. Change the option and the information in the table (see figure 2.) changes with it.

4-platinum finance shotStep 4. The slider here (dependent upon the value of the goods) allows you to change the amount you wish to pay as a deposit between 10-50%. Again the higher the deposit you pay the lower the monthly repayments.

5-add to cart

Step 5. By this point you should have some idea as to if one of the finance options we offer looks like something suitable. if you are happy to go ahead then you can scroll back up the page and proceed to the check out process. Click the 'Add to Cart' button as shown in figure 5.

6-proceed to checkout Step 6. Review the goods in the basket and make sure you have all the extras you might need such as cables, stands or accessories. from here you can proceed to the final stages of the checkout process by clicking the button as shown in figure 6.


Step 7. Fill in your details and work your way through the checkout process as normal. When you reach 'Payment Details' you will notice there is now an option for 'Apply for Finance'. Click on this as detailed in figure 7.


Step 8. You will now see a similar section to the table previously. Here again you can confirm/edit your repayment terms and deposit amount to suit. once you are happy you can proceed to complete the checkout process.

9-apply Step 9. Having completed our checkout process you will now be transferred to the 'Pay 4 Later' finance system where you will be guided though each of the steps one by one to complete the finance application. Make sure you have the relevant information to hand such as Bank details for your direct debit, employment information and address history. Click the button shown in figure 9 to proceed with this. You will also pay your deposit through the pay for later system. At the end of the process you will be re directed back to the DJ Tech Direct site to complete your order if successful.

If your application is successful and the goods are in stock than you should be able to get your goods as soon as the next working day! We are extremely pleased and excited to be able to offer you this service that gives you the chance to get the gear you have always wanted with out having to shell out one big lump some.

Happy shopping guys and girls!