For modern DJs who are downloading music via one of the many popular dedicated download sites (including iTunes, Beatport and BPM Supreme) and those sharing their own music productions with each other online, the ability to play music from a laptop is essential. Usually found as an all-in-one package with a built-in audio interface, one of the most popular solutions today is the DJ controller. Aimed at replicating conventional CDJ (or turntable) and mixer setups as you would expect you can mix, scratch, apply EQ, effects and more. Simply plug in the DJ controller via USB to your computer, connect to your speakers and get started! The same brands famous for creating industry standard CD Decks and mixers including Denon, Numark and Pioneer have reflected the features we all know and love onto such controllers.

All of our controllers support either RekordBox, Serato, Traktor or Virtual DJ so no matter your preference we have you covered.