Here at DJ Tech Direct, we stock the most up-to-date collection of music technology equipment and deliver it direct to your door. With over 25 years combined experience in the DJing, music production and retail industry at our fingertips, we’re excited to bring you the latest releases from all the leading brands. Whatever you need, from usb midi keyboards, active studio monitors to complete home recording studio packages we’ll have the right solution for you.

Studio monitors are the eyes and of course ears of the recording studio. Designed to produce an accurate sound of your recordings, monitor speakers give a flat sound so you can create a track that will sound perfect on any club sound system. Bestsellers include the KRK Rokit Range, Yamaha HS series and Pioneer.

USB Midi keyboards are also used to control your DAW music production software. Midi keyboards are often full sized with 88 keys so you can play as you would a normal piano or keyboard, however many music producers use smaller models with 25 to 61 keys to save space in the studio. Many will have additional built-in controls specifically for controlling certain aspects of your software including faders for the mixer, transport controls and velocity sensitive drum pads.

Using music technology to produce music is an artform and there’s not necessarily a right or wrong way, so remember you can always contact us or visit our Birmingham store for further information or if you’d like a bespoke studio package created exactly for your needs, from the ground up. If you’re looking to become a superstar music producer with hits to get the crowd moving, look no further!