Akai LPD8 Wireless: Lightweight portable controller pad
Akai LPD8 Wireless is exactly what is says on the tin- the Akai LPD8 in wireless form. The wireless option to the LPD8, this pad controller can be connected to your device via Bluetooth and is powered by batteries, making this the only portable pad controller on the market. Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look to see if the model lives up to expectation. Akai-LPD8-Wireless-featured-image


The main draw of this model has to be its wireless connectivity, a feature not found on the original model. This really is a game changer, as it frees you from wires and cables. You never need to worry about your USB connection disconnecting mid-performance or tripping over a wire again. Imagine that. If you really love tripping over your wire, there is still a USB port in this design if you wanted to go wired. The Bluetooth connection is super-easy to use. Simply hold the Select button and press the Pair button. You can then immediately get connected to software such as iTunes and your drums will be mapped from the off. The model also handily connects to any iOS device thanks to its connectivity to beat-making apps such as iMPC Pro. This allows you to express full creative control over music apps, while retaining a truly mobile set-up.


Another fantastic aspect of the model has to be its portability. Weighing in at only one pound, this lightweight model can literally be carried anywhere. Coupled with this, the model is battery operated, which frees you from the mains. The LPD8 is truly designed with the needs of mobile musicians at the forefront; a feature that we think will make this model incredibly popular.


For such a small and lightweight device, the LPD8 is feature-heavy. The model offers six UI buttons and eight fully assignable slim-design pots. This gives you full control over the performance, which is quite remarkable considering the diminutive nature of the model. A Full Level button ensures that your performances are loud, crystal clear and at even velocity when even volume is needed. For those of you who love a massive build-up before the drop, the addition of a Note Repeat button will be celebrated. Akai-LPD8-Wireless-angle


For a unit that is so small, it is remarkably sturdy which is refreshing to see. The knobs move extremely smoothly, making the design sleek to use. The knobs are recessed and triangular which makes them both effortlessly movable but also resilient to extended use. The pads on this model bring a sophisticated touch to your performance- literally. They have a powered finish which is exquisitely smooth on your fingertips. The pads are also backlit, which creates a cool ambience in low light settings. Little details like this make you fall in love with a model. Akai-LPD8-Wireless-side The LPD8 Wireless can rightly claim to be a fully portable device, thanks to its wireless connectivity, battery operation and lightweight design. If you are looking to update from the LPD8, this wireless model is definitely worth your time. For musicians on the go with a busy lifestyle, the LPD8 really sets a new standard of convenience and great features.