allen heath xone:96 mixer

Allen & Heath Xone:96 - No Comprimise Analogue Classic

In 2018, Allen & Heath blessed us with an update on a true club staple. The Xone:92 had been impressing DJ's left right and centre and soon became industry standard, competing as an alternative to the un-shiftable Pioneer DJM range. The Xone:96 came along as a no compromise follow up to the 92. Allen & Heath took the best bits from the 96's predecessor and brought it into a brand new unit, with updated connectivity. allen and heath xone 96 92 dj mixer analogue


Crafted from scratch, the Xone:96 has expanded it's abilities through the addition of two USB routing options. The audio output is of optimal quality as a result of the 96kHz/32-bit processor, so the journey of the signal from your laptop to the inner analogue workings has no detrimental effect. The result is a warm, full-bodied analogue sound that makes you feel as if surrounded by baby seahorses. The built-in soundcard has the ability to work with Native Instruments DVS software - Traktor Scratch. Straight out of the box this unit will connect with the rest of the DVS setup and you will be ready to go.

Filters at your Fingertips

There aren't many mixers out there that come close to the quality of the Xone:96 filters. The three VCF filters have Allen & Heath's signature sound, featuring High-Pass, Low-Pass and Band-Pass filters all present. The classic trio is joined by 'crunch', a carefully processed harmonic saturation coming in before the filters in the circuit for added dynamic creativity. All six channels are routable to the filters. allen heath xone:96 filters djtechdirect

Ready for the Club

With the growing popularity of back-to-back performances, the Xone:96 implements dual headphone cues. The independant cues are also favourable when transitioning between DJ sets. The booth output has its own three band equalisation. Being able to tune the monitor speakers is a big win for those who want the best from the venues system. allen heath xone:96 cue


There is an abundance of available connections on the xone:96. As well as the standard analogue inputs, this mixer features two stereo sends, four stereo returns and its own master insert. The 96 welcomes instrument based effects via the Hi-Z switch on send 1. Products such as guitar pedals benefit from this extra level on the send. The Xone:K products have their own place on the 96 via X-Link, saving you valuable USB inputs on your laptop. allen heath xone 96 connections

Professional Quality

The Xone:96 has incredibly strong build quality. The volume faders are designed specifically for this unit and as a result are comprised of 60mm linear VCA on each channel. The overall feel when mixing is very balanced - you feel in control. The crossfader, naturally, is the Innofader mini (an favourite amongst DJs). faders allen heath xone:96

Worth the wait

This mixer is a joy to use. The mixing is more precise as a result of the added EQ parameter, and the build quality matches its superior sound. Highly recommended for the DJ who wants total control over the mix! Available for demonstration instore, or to order via our website!