Another great reason to get using Serato!
Although there are some cool music making apps for the iPad and iPhone I personally find it hard to believe that people are willing to give up their computer or laptop to either fully make music on their iOS device or use it as a their sole DJ tool. However the combination of things like an iDJ Pro and an iPad could prove an awesome combination for someone looking to do so. This said if you were to look at your iPad as a controller for your DJ or production set-up then this opens up a whole new realm of creativity that only really stops with your imagination. There are countless apps available that can control software such as Abelton, Traktor and Serato. Speaking of which Serato themselves have now released an app that will cover al the navigation, looping and effect control parameters of Scratch Live and Serato DJ.


Serato Remote lets you see and perform all of your favorite Scratch Live and Serato DJ functions without needing to touch your laptop. Control Cue Points, Loops and Samples. Load tracks and manipulate FX in ways that weren't previously possible. See Serato's famous Virtual Decks and Track Overview so you can focus on the crowd and free yourself from your laptop.

Find out more about Serat Remote on the Serato website or buy it on the Apple App Store. It costs just £13.99

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