Pioneer Platinum Package @ DJ Tech Direct
birdIf there is one thing I know about birds (the flying variety) is that they like shiny things. As do other animals for that matter. In fact us humans (especially gangster rappers) are partial to the odd bit of bling too. As DJ's I think its fair to say that we all have a secret love affair with Pioneer kit aswell (not in a sexual manner of course as that would be wrong). So the prospect of shiny new Pioneer DJ decks would be enough to grab your attention? I thought so.

Pioneer, never being one to do things by half, have decided to create the most elaborate DJ set up to date. Believe me you are going to want to get your hands on this.

The words 'limited edition' get banded around a lot these days by people who just want to try and flog a dead horse by doing something in a different color, just for the sake of it. Not Pioneer though. Their Platinum package comprises of two CDJ 2000 Nexus CD decks, a DJM 900 Nexus Mixer and even Pioneers ground-breaking RMX 1000 Effects unit. So the best of the best, but not only that, true to their word these truly are limited as there are only 2000 kits int the world in total. Each is individually numbered too! So basically, not only could you own the top Pioneer DJ setup you get a truly limited finish that would get you props from the likes of rap superstars to the Kardashians to the "stars" of TOWIE. pionner-plat Far from style over substance, the one and only James Zabiela shows you how to put your shiny new kit through its paces with flare that matches its style.