Denon SC5000 Media Player: Change your rider
Denon SC5000 Media Player possesses an impressive claim to fame as it is the world’s first DJ Player capable of built-in music file analysis. The model truly surpasses other media models on the market that simply do not possess the same level of high-calibre features and gives competitors such as Pioneer a real run for their money. A simple overview of the model is enough to demonstrate the strength of this design. Whether you will feel compelled to jump on board and ‘change your rider’ remains to be seen but Denon is determined to persuade you. Denon-SC5000-Media-Player.-full

Paradigm Shifting

This may sound somewhat hyperbolic but this digital DJ Media Player can be described as groundbreaking thanks to its high-definition, hi-contrast display. Not only is the display crystal clear and vibrantly detailed, it is also expertly crafted as it enables multi-touch gestures which offer optimum performance in latency-free, tactile track navigation, load and playback. In fact, with a frame rate three times the rate of any other screen on the DJ market, it is apparent that the model is offering something special. An eight-inch jog wheel with full LED illumination enhances the lively aesthetic of the design and displays artwork and real-time information on your music such as loop values. It is also customisable so you can add your image such as a logo to really add your personal touch.

Get Creative

Powered by a highly-functional, multi-core internal processor, the SC5000 runs ‘Engine Prime.’ This latest version of Denon DJ’s music librarian software is built into the unit, offering you direct access to an array of convenient performance features, so you can really get your creative juices flowing. A unique feature to the SC5000 which we really like is the bank of eight multifunction trigger pads that offer unparalleled creative options for your hot-cues, loops, slices and roll playback. Another neat little feature is the ‘Engine Connect’ feature which allows you to work with the brand’s latest 4-Channel mixer, the new X1800 Prime, for a wider range of BPM and FX possibilities.

Mind of Its Own

A feature we really like about the SC5000 is its in-built memory. Once a USB drive or SD card is inserted, the SC5000 remembers any previously entered DJ preferences, ensuring that from within the 'Engine Prime' eco-system, the model recalls and reproduces every one of your performance preferences and settings so that you can pick up your work where you left off. This includes any previously performed track cue points, loop regions, playback history, preparation folders and live, off-the-cuff live tracks. Denon-SC5000-Media-Player

Two Tracks, One Machine

The SC5000's unique dual-deck playback facility makes the unit literally '2-decks-in-1, meaning that you can play 2 tracks off one machine and mix them together. High-calibre outputs for each layer bring you a wide-ranging amount of music playback possibilities with omniscient sonic and mix control. The audio outputs are 24-bit/96kHz, offering you a full and rich sound quality. The SC5000 Prime handily plays all uncompressed audio formats, including FLAC, ALAC and WAV and all popular compressed music files, for versatile music options. Super-fast and ultra-connected, the model delivers a high-calibre sound with high-calibre yet accessible features.

Take Power of Your Power

This may not sound as flashy as its more LED-illuminated features, but the model includes a very useful back-up battery which means that in the event of a non-useful powercut, you will be warned with a countdown so that you can protect and save your creations. Denon-SC5000-Media-Player-angle

Should you change your rider?

There is no doubt that Denon is making a play for Pioneer’s audience with the SC5000. Whether it will succeed is debatable but the effort is undoubtedly evident in this design, most notably with its built-in music file analysis which really raises the game of media players. One snag, however, is that the SC5000 is not massively cheaper than Pioneer’s Nexus which its main comparable rival, therefore it is well worth a thorough examination of similar models. For Denon’s first play into the media player market, this is a truly impressive design that deserves the chance to make an impact.