Denon SC5000M & X1800: A Fresh Point of View
The Denon SC5000M is the very best media player for DJ's who want that vinyl feel on a digital setup. Its mixer counterpart, the X1800, is a four-channel professional solution with endless possibilities. They need to be seen to be believed! (Available in our showroom and on our website.) Denon DJ are currently sitting in a very prominent position in the industry. They have come a long way since the DN-D4000, that was found in DJ booths far and wide (if you don't know this product, treat yourself and google it). As well as the new and exciting 'Prime 4' all-in-one controller, the company offer this two-deck and mixer alternative with some fantastic features. These aren't your everyday DJ products, they almost justify an M&S style advert with someone pouring melted chocolate on them saying "these aren't just decks....". denon prime sc5000 sc5000m x1800 mixer dj

Denon SC5000M

Let's take a look at the media player first. There are two models available for this product, one with a motorised platter and one without. We're going to look at the motorised option, which is distinguished via the 'M' on the model number. The jog wheel element is the real USP for this deck. The seven-inch motorised platter gives the feel of a turntable, with adjustable torque settings to customise the experience for the user. Denon were the first manufacturer to offer this feature on a DJ media player 17 years ago with the DNS5000. With the latest iteration, there are 3,600 ticks of data for every time the platter rotates, making it sensitive to every movement. Those who have trawled through their digital library and customised their setlist with rekordbox, iTunes and Serato software need not fear switching platforms. Denons free 'Engine Prime' software can import these files and keep all the customised information, and export it for use with the SC5000M. Even Traktor users can utlise this feature, making this player a truly universal all-rounder. denon prime sc5000m engine dj rekordbox serato traktor

Denon X1800 Mixer

To complement a pair of SC5000M's, Denon offers the X1800 four-channel mixer. This is a professional grade club mixer with a familiar design, but features that take you to the next level. denon prime x1800 mixer inputs outputs back The connectivity onboard this mixer is second to none. Each of the four channels has accessible analogue inputs for your external gear. These are phono/line switchable to take into account your turntables. The mixer also has an onboard DAC (digital-analogue converter) with a plethora of accessible digital inputs. Because of this, everything you need is present and correct. denon prime x1800 mixer Additional features include an OLED screen, multitude of pro FX and Flex fader. The FX area is BPM assigned also frequency controllable via Band Isolation. External devices are hooked up using the two available USB audio inputs. The FX knobs are two-fold, one for BPM fx, the other for sweep fx. The equalisation, whilst using standard three-band frequencies, features classic and isolation mode for more flexibility. External MIDI devices also have a home on board the mixer, so you can plug in your effect or instrument using this input. With regards to audio quality, the processor within the X1800 outputs 24-bit/96kHz, making for an uncompromised aural experience. The build quality is also a huge bonus. Denon describes it as 'rugged metal' and we agree, due to the fact it doesn't have that flimsy plastic build that lets a lot of mixers down.

Green means GO!

The folks at Denon DJ haven't missed anything here. This setup is a no-compromise approach to digital DJing. What's even more attractive is the price, the setup comes in lower than the 'industry-standard' counterpart. If you haven't had a chance to see or try these in person yet, it is highly recommended. Because of this, a lot more people take notice. It's fun, feature-heavy and can really improve your DJ abilities. Available in-store or via our on our website!