DJ Controllers under £300

Get to Know : DJ Controllers For Under £300

Whether you are set up in your bedroom, on the move or need a solution that won't break the bank, there are numerous offerings when it comes to sub £300 DJ Controllers. Each one has it's own approach and characteristics, so it's worth getting to know each of them to see which one fits the bill.

Traktor Kontrol S2 (MK3)

Since it's launch back in 2011, the 'MK1' iteration of this controller helped launch Native Instruments into the DJ Controller market. Now on the 'MK3', the Traktor S2 is still a firm favourite amongst many DJ's. As the younger sibling to the S4, this unit boasts an impressive number of features filtered down from it's big brother. Included in these features is the new FX embedded into the mixer, allowing for more expression and versatility when mixing. Another major bonus to the S2 is the ability to use Pro 3 from the get go. Pro 3 is usually £89.00 so straight away this unit is beginning to earn back the initial cost of £249.00. Traktor Kontrol S2

Pioneer DDJ-400

Pioneer DJ are huge names in the industry, from their smallest controller (the DDJ-200) all the way to their renowned club setups (the NXS2 range). Sitting proudly in the middle are Pioneer DJ's Serato and Rekordbox controllers. The DDJ-400 is the next model up from the 200, but arguably the first in the Rekordbox range to give you a taste of the true capabilities of this brand. This controller comes with a full Rekordbox DJ licence; no 'lite' or 'intro' software but the whole shabang. If this is your first step into DJing, there is also 'tutorial mode'. In terms of the physical features on the 400, you get a built-in High/Low pass filter and an onboard sequencer. On the whole this controller is a physical representation of the primary features that Rekordbox has to offer. Pioneer DDJ-400

Roland DJ-202

Roland are incredibly respected due to their distinctive products from the 80's (808 and 909 drum machines and Juno-106 synthesizer). In 2016, Roland stepped into the DJ Controller market. The idea is to integrate their famous sonic signature into your performance using a sequencer. The DJ-202 is definitely one to look at it if you belong to the DJ/Producer demographic, as it has all the features of a Serato controller with the added benefit of classic Roland sounds. Serato DJ Intro is included in the box, bringing the new features of the 202 to the familiar territory of Serato. Roland DJ-202

Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Pioneer DJ's entry level Serato controller comes in the form of the DDJ-SB3. This unit is the perfect solution for DJ's who need all the main elements of Serato at their fingertips. Serato DJ Intro is included. A major update on the SB3 model is the 'pad scratch' function, created with the help of DJ Jazzy Jeff. This feature adds scratch audio when the pad is touched, automatically matching the bpm of the track. All the neccesary controls are present, with Pioneer DJ's filters and frequency attenuation all built in to the mixer. Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Controller

Something for Everyone

All of these controllers are unique, with each one serving an individual purpose. The main difference is their corresponding software. Out of the four listed above, there are three different software options. Whilst the Roland DJ-202 and Pioneer DDJ-SB3 both use Serato, they still have their own individual attributes! All of these DJ controllers are available to purchase from our website