EXCLUSIVE from Denon
Denon have been a name synonymous with quality DJ equipment for as long as I can remember. When you buy Denon you know you are buying something that has been built to stand the test of time. One product that has proven a massive success is the Denon HC 1000 USB controller. What can you do to take a product that is already loved and adored by thousands to give it even more of the 'Wow factor'? Leave it in our capable hands and watch it turn to gold. That's what! Allow us to present to you a EXCLUSIVE!

The Denon HC1000 Gold

denon hc1000S gold



The Denon HC1000 Gold is the exclusive version of the Denon HC1000 USB controller from Denon DJ. It comes in a unique gold mirrored finish and enables you to harnace all the transport and navigation features of your DVS system plus a load more. Offering a plug 'n' play solution for Serato Scratch Live (now Serato DJ) and compatible with other leading DVS offerings, such as MixVibes, Traktor DJ or Virtual DJ software, the Denon HC1000 Gold USB controller keeps your fingers away from the laptop and firmly focussed on your performance. Providing DJs a hardware controller, the Denon HC 1000 USB controller puts direct access to hot-cues, loops, samples and track selection right in front of the DJ, meaning you can focus on your set without navigating around your computer, mouse and keyboard! The Denon HC1000 Gold is only available from and are very limited in numbers so if you want yours, order today.