Get you music heard by the masses (FOR FREE!!)
Ok... So each week we will be shouting out to all of our peeps on facebook to post their own productions on our wall. From all of these, us musical geniuses (sarcasm) in the office will pick our top 10 for the week from those we get on our wall and repost in this blog (shared across all of our networks). Not only that but the number one tune will be pinned to the top of our facebook page all day on Saturday each week! This is a great opportunity to get a bit of extra exposure for your track. You put the time and effort in to make it. Let us help you get it heard by our networks. Why are wee doing this? Because without you there would be no need for Studio equipment, software, DJ's or parties. It might not be the 'official top 40' but hey... At least you could get some props for doing what you love. top

How to enter:

1 - Go to our Facebook page and post you tune in the thread. 2 - Leave the rest to us!


1 - It has to be YOUR tune. Any genre. Edits and remixes are fine, but posting a Daftpunk track up and saying it's yours is not! 2 - See rule no.1 3 - ONLY streaming links (ie soundcloud) as we don't have the time to download sendspace files or other zip files. crowd