krk g4
KRK have been a hallmark in Studio Monitors for 30 years and the G4 monitor range take in all of this experience to bring you a great sounding, detailed and affordable studio monitor. So what do the KRK g4 speakers have up their sleeves? lets take a look....

krk g4

Customise your sound.

The first thing you will notice when you look at the back of this speaker is the LCD screen. You get a nice visual Graphical EQ and menu for easy navigation and the ability to change settings quickly. The KRK's come packed with a graphic EQ and 25 different settings to find the perfect sound for your environment. Many of you will wander why you would want to EQ your monitors if the aim is to just reproduce the sound as accurately as possible. however depending on the room you are in you will find that regardless of the speaker, the room will affect the sound. Some rooms will have more reverb so low end will reverberate more and can sound unpleasant. Some rooms may be more reflective than others so sound may bounce around more too. With the KRK G4 range you can change the eq settings depending on how the room treats the sound. On top of this KRK will soon be releasing an IOS and Android app to accompany the speaker range which will give you even more control over the placement and speaker matching as well as additional settings for adding subwoofers.

krk g4

High Grade Components

The KRK G4 monitors take inspiration from the V series and include a super high quality, tough Kevlar in both their tweeter and driver. By matching the material used they also improve the sonic performance by matching the tweeter perfectly with the bass driver. KRK say that the enclosure is scientifically designed to provide accurate sound with as little outside noise and resonance, as possible. The G4's come with a newly designed front facing bass port. The front firing port is a God Send for some producers who struggle with space as it gives you so much more flexibility as to where you can place your speakers. KRK claim the new ports will give you a more accurate tighter bass whilst also providing clarity and some real punch. If you know anything about KRK monitors, its that they are plenty punchy. The Design of the tweeter and driver means it has a wide stereo spread. This means you can move around the room more without it affecting what you hear as much.

krk g4

The Amp

What hold this range together is the custom amp that KRK have built to power the monitors. It comes equipped with a super efficient Class D amplifier that is tuned specifically so that each speaker is driven to its full potential, even at low volumes. It also means your speakers don't heat up too much either. There's also actually a built in limiter too, which KRK also designed from the ground up. The limiter ensures you get a full yet balanced sound whilst protecting the speakers from peaking.

The Price Point

KRK monitors come with a hefty reputation and so most assume they come with a hefty price tag. However the KRK G4 range starts at just £157 per speaker with the Rokit RP5's. You can get this massive RP10 for £469 each. They may not be budget but you wouldn't expect them to be however they are very affordable and you get alot more speaker for your money than if you spent the same amount with a rival company.


The KRK G4 monitor range sound great with plenty of punch and control in the low end. They have great features when it comes to catering the sound to suite you and most of all, they are super affordable. The entire range of KRK speakers is available to order online or come into our Birmingham Showroom to have a listen.