KRK Rokit RP6 G3 Speaker: Sweet spot in the KRK range
KRK Rokit RP6 G3 Speakers capture KRK’s uncanny knack for delivering music industry standard equipment that can be enjoyed in any home. KRK monitors can be found in the biggest recording studios around the world to the bedrooms of budding DJ’s, thanks to their signature blend of accessibility and intricately nuanced sound quality. The ROKIT Series encapsulates KRK’s dedication to delivering the highest quality designs for upcoming DJ’s who have yet to find worldwide super-producer fame.

A New Generation

Encompassing the RP4, RP5, RP6, RP8, 10-3 monitors, the Generation 3 series updates the Generation 2 range while retaining the instantly recognisable black and yellow design- a colour combination that has become shorthand for accessible yet industry-standard design. The GR6 sits above the RP4 and RP5 and provides a more compact version of the 8 and 10 models. The RP6 showcases a 6” driver and bass port rather than the smaller 5” elements featured on the diminutive Rokit RP5. As a result, the model offers a higher quality bass extension and a flat frequency response. Moving on from Generation 2, the G3’s models feature an extended silky smooth dome tweeter that provides a luxuriously textured sound. As the middle child in the Rokit G3 family, the RP6’s compact design makes it a welcoming introduction to the series, particularly for DJs with limited space. Its snug position in the middle of the G3 spectrum is reflected in its price point- it is affordable for entry-level engineers but its sound quality also makes this an ideal purchase for more experienced users looking to upgrade their kit. KRK-Rokit-RP6-G3-larger

Accessible yet Innovative

KRK is famed for delivering newcomer-friendly, industry standard creations that are used by music producers and budding enthusiasts alike. In terms of high-calibre features, the RP6 punches well above its weight. The 6” glass-Aramid composite woofer is coupled with a 1” soft dome tweeter to deliver a crystal clear midrange and punchy bass. A front-firing bass port is particularly useful for reducing boundary coupling which allows you flexible room positioning without impairing the sound, ideal for those with limited space. High frequencies reach up to 35kHz, allowing you to personalise according to your personal taste. Class AB amps offer high headroom and low distortion while radiused edges reduce diffraction to offer a cleaner sound, another classic example of the range’s dedication to bringing optimum sound quality to the home. We especially loved the ROKIT waveguide feature which ensures detailed imaging in the listening position, perfect for sitting back and revelling in the nuances of your sonic landscape. Weighing in at 8.8kg, the design is satisfyingly hefty without being overly bulky. Easy to install and effortlessly versatile, the RP6 G3 offers a selection of input connections so will seamlessly integrate into any setup. KRK-Rokit-RP6-G3-detail-larger

Perfect for Newcomers

Don’t let the modest price of the RP6 allow you to underestimate its quality. Its study design, sleek visuals and accessible yet high-calibre features make this an attractive entry point for newcomers to the sound mixing world. Indeed, its reasonable price and accurate, unfatiguing sound will win over the most grizzled sound mixer.