MASCHINE JAM - The Ultimate Workflow Instrument

The Pinnacle of Modern Digital Instruments

MASCHINE JAM is a digital instrument innovation – take ideas from conception to reality in intuitive, seamless flow. An all-in-one workflow station imbued with the latest MASCHINE software.

Built for the Stage & Studio

Built to produce in-studio and perform in real-time, MASCHINE JAM allows the user to sequence with ease on an 8x8 multicolor click-pad matrix. Alternatively if 'off-the-cuff' isn't your thing have a number of projects carefully catalogued, ready to be triggered, ahead of a given show.

New Smart Strips

A new performance paradigm that allows you hands-on precision. Furthermore you can intimately shape and tweak your creations like never before using the eight dual-touch Smart Strips. In addition, Perform Mode lets you bring complex sound textures to life with MASCHINE's unique Perform FX.

Jam is in the Name

Brainstorm ideas instantly with MASCHINE JAM's diverse range of touch and control features. Get access to patterns, samples and entire sets; mix and match different clips and scenes to flesh out your latest creation with true jam flow. Additionally, Notes Mode lets you play synths via the Smart Strips, inspiring new playing experience like finger-strum chords that stay in key with different scales to reveal fresh melodic ideas.

KOMPLETE Playability

MASCHINE JAM and KOMPLETE are a match made in heaven. Fully tactile and inspiring with a well of FX and sounds that are constantly moulding. Immediately tether with any software with ease, whatever your preference. Seamlessly sync with other instruments in your digital orchestra too for maximised effect. It's compact design means it's also built to be taken on the move. Embrace MASCHINE JAM - the answer to original ideas and absolute playability.