Native Instruments Maschine MK3: Fast, Intuitive, Fun
Native Instruments Maschine MK3 is the latest addition to the brand’s much loved and industry leading Maschine family. Speed and focus have been brought to the forefront of the design, to ensure that users can increase their speed and intensify their focus, to really ramp up the creative process to the next level. native-instruments-mk3-connections-angle (2) Native Instruments has listened to the feedback from their customers and fans and the MK3 is the result of this dialogue. So what is new, what has remained and does it live up to the brand’s illustrious reputation? Let’s take a closer look at the model to find out.

The Basics

Before we get into the specifics, it is helpful to know just what the MK3 is. For the uninitiated, the MK3, like its predecessors, is hardware and software integrated system that essentially allows you to start producing as soon as you get the model out of the box. This handy integrated system includes an arranger, sampler, mixer, and FX. native-instruments-mk3-connections (2) Alongside this, the model also showcases a spacious Maschine library that offers a generous 8GB of memory. This library is well worth exploring and is ideal for experimenting so you can create fresh and interesting material. The library showcases one-shots, samplers, presets, sampled instruments, drum kits and patterns. Featuring a wealth of material, the MK3 is a treasure trove of sounds that are waiting to be played with and explored.

New and Updated Features

As this is the MK3, you would expect Native Instruments to be at the top of their game design-wise. True to form, the model does not disappoint. Let’s take a look at the MK3’s new and shiny updated features.

High-Calibre Pads

As you would expect from a Native Instruments Maschine, the MK3 showcases the brand’s instantly recognisable pads in a an array of exuberant hues. The MK3 however sees these emblematic pads enlarged in size to make an even greater visual impact. More complicated moves such as flams and rolls are easily achievable thanks to the increased room on the pads. native-instruments-mk3-connections-angle-2 (2) The design of the pads has also been tweaked, so that they are now more responsive gentle touches. This is a great update as it allows for a greater level of creative expression, which can never be a bad thing. What’s more, in a nod to long time Maschine fans, the distance between pads and the centre of the model is the same as earlier designs, so you do not need to adjust your playing style.

Dynamic Screens

The MK3 showcases two full-colour displays and an easy navigation encoder which allows you to easily scroll through effects, plug-ins, sounds and instruments, all with one hand so you do not need to interrupt your workflow. All you need to do is to find the relevant thumbnail on the screen and then load it straight on to the hardware. Alongside this, the screens are also super high-resolution so you can view your creations in crystal-clear detail, so you can achieve a high level of precision with your mixes. native-instruments-mk3-connections-angle-3 (2)

Studio Level Features

In an upgrade on earlier models, the MK3 is enhanced with a 96kHz/24 bit audio interface that is a studio level quality, so you can expect a pristine and immaculate sound. This features alongside a host of super-useful connectivity options. You can add a microphone or synth for rapid sampling or utilise the MIDI ports and stereo line in the studio. The MK3 is also handily powered by USB so you can record on to go with your laptop. Alternatively you can use the power supply included and also enjoy brighter pads as a result. Fun, vibrant and easy to use, the MK3 proudly takes its place In the Native Instruments Maschine family. Speed and intuition define this model, so you can expect a seamless and simple experience while creating your beats and tracks. Of course, the MK2 looks fantastic too, giving the MK3 style as well as substance.