New Pioneer DDJ-SX3

The New Pioneer DDJ-SX3 - Upgraded & Expanded

The most innovative of Pioneer's Serato DJ controllers has had a serious tune up; familiar 4-channel layout and high-quality design casing, with expanded connectivity, dual USB ports, a dedicated Mic terminal and multiple ins/outputs for even greater versatility as a standalone mixer. Add texture and unique sounds to your mixes using the popular Filter, Echo, Jet and Noise in a brand new Sound Colour FX feature. other unique, advanced features include Pitch'n Time DJ for smoother, more harmonic track mixing, responsive slip mode for off the cuff remixing/sampling, and Serato Flip for even more creative control of your loops and Hot Cues. ddj-sx3-main-1

Built to Collaborate

Three Mic inputs, plus Mic FX allows for more creative collaboration than ever before; a dedicated input and level control knob on the front panel of the Pioneer DDJ-SX3 comes in addition to the popular twin inputs inherited from the DDJ-SX2, which are found on the rear panel. Each can be controlled and manipulated by level, EQ and low-cut filter, with the addition of reverb and compressor functions. Sound Colour FX can also be applied to the two Mics plugged into the rear panel. Dual USB ports allows you to connect two computers running Serato DJ Pro at once making for seamless DJ transitions and slick, painless back-to-back performances. You can also connect a backup as insurance for those (hopefully never) nightmare scenarios of impromptu laptop crashes.

Same Great Features, Improved Technology

Clear design with quality look and feel, Pioneer's DDJ-SX3 shares the same intuitive layout as its predecessor but with some subtle improvements that go beyond mere aesthetics. Reduced latency jog wheels feel more natural and precise than ever while playback information is instantly relayed to the user through the illuminated On Jog display. Multicoloured performance pads trigger up to 11 features including Hot Cues, Sampler and Pitch Play; colours change instantly to show the selected pad mode and playing status. An exceptional performance controller with the usual Pioneer seal of approval. All improvements and extras are the result of continuous, ongoing feedback from top tech experts and a loyal customer database. Head over to our website to see the full-range of features, additional information and price here. Or pop in store for a demo and exclusive DJ Tech Direct discount.