Numark DJ2GO2 Touch - The Ultimate Pocket DJ Controller!
The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch is a small DJ unit that is arguably THE most portable DJ product ever! If you are always on the move or just starting out, then this bad boy is for you. Coming in at just £69.00, it doesn't break the bank. Despite this, the layout is based on a professional DJ design, so moving up to larger units is an easy next step. The main features include the capacitive jog wheels, built-in soundcard and multiple pad modes. It works alongside Serato DJ lite (included) and is also Serato DJ upgrade-ready. Visit our showroom to see one for yourself, or to place an order visit our online store!

numark dj2go2 dj controller portable touch djtechdirect birmingham Numark DJ2GO2 Touch - The Ultimate Pocket DJ Controller!

So given the size of the unit, can it perform as a 'proper' two-channel DJ deck? At first glance, the DJ2GO2 has it all; jog wheels, designated buttons and all the faders. The only thing that it is essentially lacking is an EQ section, but Serato has you covered there. The controller fits nicely below a laptop, perfect for preparing sets and practising mixes. The design is great for navigating through the Serato interface, with a designated 'browse' knob, and 'load' buttons for each deck. The channel output level is also adjustable, as well as the master level and cue level. numark dj2go2 touch dj controller djtechdirect birmingham

Small but Mighty

A great feature of this unit is the touch capacitive jogs, so beatmatching and mixing are as close to the pro controllers as it gets. You can stream tracks straight from Soundcloud and TIDAL, so getting the party started is possible no matter what the occasion! serato numark dj2go2 soundcloud tidal djtechdirect birmingham

Out of the Box

It is very rare to get a built-in soundcard on a device in this price range. Controllers such as the Pioneer DDJ-200 rely on your laptop/phone for speaker and monitor connections. The DJ2GO2 Touch has two 1/8 inch connections, one for monitoring and one for master output. No booth output, but that would be silly now, wouldn't it? This enables you to connect to any powered/active speakers or any mixer/pre-amp with analogue audio inputs. numark dj2go2 dj controller touch soundcard djtechdirect birmingham

Feature Heavy

Packed into the DJ2GO2 Touch are eight performance pads that are assignable to various commands. Cue points, loops and samples are all at your fingertips allowing you to get creative and shape your own set. The low profile design makes it super sleek and portable; you can literally put this thing in your pocket. A major market for this new addition is the travelling DJ who wants to prepare their set on the way to the gig, maybe on the train. Just open up Serato and practise certain mixes, assign hot cues and build your setlist. numark dj2go2 portable touch dj controller djtechdirect birmingham

One for the Kit Bag

There are endless uses for this console. You can keep one in your bag easily, so after using it to plan your set it is easily tucked away. It then acts as the perfect backup if the equipment at the venue lets you down. At only £69, it serves a purpose bigger than the price tag. To see what all the fuss is about, why not drop in and try it out? Our Birmingham showroom has a unit on demo for you to see and try out! If you like the look of it and want to place an order, head over to our website here.