Numark NS6 II: Buddy up
Numark NS6 II is the next generation design of the much-loved and highly respected NS6. Like its predecessor, it is also a highly innovative, feature-laden design. We have to admit that Numark has hit the ball out of the park yet again. Let’s take a closer look at Numark’s new controller.


The original Numark NS6 was a game-changer, hands down. It was the first 4-channel standalone controller to hit the market at a time when the concept seemed like a far-off dream. Now the time has come for its upgrade (yes, even the NS6 had areas of improvement) with the NS6 II. The NS6 II shares many similarities with its predecessor, namely that it is also a 4-channel. It departs from its older brother in that it includes two USB out ports and built-in high-resolution screens. These two features really are the piece de le resistance of the NS6 II, placing it above its original.

Ideal for DJ Partners

We need to talk about the duo of USB ports, a new feature that is exclusive to the NS6 II and also to Numark as a whole. This is a great upgrade as it means you can now connect two laptops to the device simultaneously. The model is ideal for DJ partners as it allows a duo to sync up and combine their talents. You and your partner DJ can alternate between two laptops and play at the same time between four channels, all through the easy touch of a button. This duo-friendly set up is enhanced by the model’s Serato DJ built-in software which allows both DJs to seamlessly merge and fuse their work.

Say bye to the laptop screen

A feature that is increasingly being utilised by standalone controllers and one which we really appreciate is the addition of built-in, high-resolution screens. We are pleased to announce that the NS6 II has joined the high res party with its full-colour 2-inch high-resolution displays. This means that you can fully immerse in your performance and lose yourself in the music and the audience without having to stare at your laptop screen. The screens offer all of the information you need while banging out the tunes, without being a distraction or clogging up the screen. With the screen, you can monitor the beats per minute, time remaining on a tune, position of the platter, keylock and adjustment of pitch. For a model laden with features, it is remarkably easy to use.

Mix it up

The NS6 II also works as a standalone mixer, allowing you to connect turntables and external media devices to the model via RCA and phono inputs. You can then easily switch between them at a drop of a hat. We really love the model’s touch capacitive knobs, a feature that is exclusive to Numark. With a simple touch, you can adjust the mid, low and high frequencies to get the exact tone you want. This nuanced control really stands out in a model that is sturdily constructed.


As you would expect from a high-performance Numark product, the NS6 II comes with the full Serato DJ package installed. All you need to do is plug in to get endless creative options at your fingertips. The model offers the chance to upgrade Serato for the DVS expansion, making this a product that will keep giving in the long term. The Numark NS6 II retains the best features of its predecessor and then some. The inclusion of two USB ports is a fantastic feature that will appeal to partner DJs and encourages co-creativity, while the touch-capacitive knob brings a nuanced quality to the design. The NS6 II is definitely worth taking a closer look.