Numark WS-100: Reliable, Consistent, Trustworthy
Numark WS-100 is a digital radio microphone that is super-helpful for every DJ or performer to have in their repertoire. It may be an entry-level model, but it is effective and gets the job done, so don’t write it off completely. Let’s take a closer look at this microphone that just might answer all your performance needs. numark-ws100-microphoe

Reliable and Consistent

Firstly the design provides consistent and reliable operation. This is the basis of what everybody wants from a microphone, as you want to go into a performance safe in the knowledge that your microphone won’t let you down. To ensure a reliable set-up, the microphone is equipped with a dual antenna diversity system.

Wireless Capability

Let’s take a look at the model’s wireless capabilities as it is here where the model will be most judged. The WS100 wireless system works consistently and reliably over a 200 plus foot range. This capability gives you the freedom to open up your performances to wider spaces and also gives you the confidence to command larger spaces. You can be assured of the model’s wireless capability as the connection is sustained by an independent digital ID. This feature handily eliminates signal crosstalk and interference. numark-ws100-receiver

Say Goodbye to Interference

The UHF 24-bit digital system provides you with a brilliantly clear and wide-ranging frequency response. This reaches down to 50Hz in the low end and goes up to a lovely 18kHz in the treble. The transmission is protected from irritating background noise thanks to a great signal-to-noise ratio of 96dB. This places the quality of the WS100 alongside its wired counterpoint so you can enjoy a fantastic sound quality free from interference. The system comes kitted up with the wireless mic, wireless receiver, carrying cases, ¼” cable and a foam padded protective case. The Numark WS100 may not be a game changer but it is a model that you can rely on, especially in large venues and spaces. If you want a model that won’t let you down and offers sturdy wireless connection, then look no further than this resilient and hard-working model. numark-ws100-case