Pioneer CDJ's - The Current Offerings
Pioneer CDJ's are the most popular media player in bars and clubs all around the globe. Since 1992, they have provided DJs with the perfect source for their music collection. The current offerings come in the form of the 2000NXS2, 900NXS, 850-K and 350. All of these options play CD's and read your USB stick, so your digital collection goes with you everywhere! That's the beauty of most venues having a pair, you are never unsure about whether your music collection will work with the equipment. The CDJ-2000NXS2's are on permanent demonstration in our Birmingham showroom, and all of the current models can be ordered on our website! We explore the offerings below the CDJ-2000NXS2. What do the less pricey alternatives offer? pioneer cdj 2000nxs2 900nxs 850-k 350

Pioneer CDJ-350

To kick things off, we'll have a look at the CDJ-350. The first in the range, it inherits the fundamental features from the higher up players.
USB Functionality
You can store your digital files on your USB stick, and the 350 will playback MP3, WAV, AAC and AIFF files. As rekordbox is included with the 350, your analysed playlists work seamlessly.
This software has two versions, one for exporting analysed playlists and another for live performance. Focussing on the 'export' iteration, this is the best way to prepare your playlist to work with the 350 (as with all the players in the range). The pre-analysed tracks will load seamlessly so track selection is quick and easy. pioneer cdj rekordbox export mode What's more, the 350 can control the 'live performance' version of the program. You will have to purchase it separately, but none the less - this is a great feature to have! This CDJ also provides you with the ability to loop your track in time with the analysed tempo. Perfect for extending intros and outros!pioneer cdj-350 dj deck birmingham djtechdirect

Pioneer CDJ-850-K

The 850 fills the void between the small jog wheels of the 350 and the club standard ability of the 900NXS. Building on the heritage of the original 800's, the 850 gives you a taste of the NXS decks without the hefty price tag. It has the same USB functionality as the 350 - so analysed playlists are utilised in the same way. It also controls rekordbox in the same way. An added benefit for software users is the 850's ability to control Serato using it's HID mode. Because of this, there is no need for control CDs!
Size matters
The larger build of the 850 allows for full-sized jog wheels to be included. Due to its mass, the positioning of the buttons follows the design of the NXS players. The 850 is a great addition to a bar or club. When the smaller controllers and players don't cut it, but the NXS setup is out of reach, these fit the bill. pioneer cdj-850 dj deck birmingham djtechdirect

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

Stepping into the reference tier, we have the 900NXS. This media player follows on from the 900, a deck very similar to the 850. The 900NXS has those added features that put it above the predecessor and can be found in bars and clubs all over the globe. Because of its up to date technology, it earns its 'Nexus' label.
More Information
Due to the enhanced full-colour display of the 900NXS, a lot more information is visible. The waveform is shown in real-time, and the track times and bpm's are much more crisp and clean. This is especially noticeable when playing a rekordbox analysed track, as all the hard work has already been done! Due to this, you just pick which track you want and you are away.
Link Together
Pro DJ link allows for information to be shared with other linked devices via ethernet cable. This is perfect for DJs using one USB fully loaded with playlists that are accessible on both decks simultaneously. The inclusion of slip mode gives you a creative edge, as you can manipulate the track whilst retaining the flow of the music. pioneer cdj-900nxs dj deck media player All of the Pioneer CDJ's are available to order on our website; 1. Pioneer CDJ-350 - £539.00 2. Pioneer CDJ-850-K - £829.00 3. Pioneer CDJ-900NXS - £1239.00 4. Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 - £1959.00