Pioneer DDJ-1000 : Get the Most From Rekordbox

Pioneer DDJ-1000 : Get the Most From Rekordbox

For the DJ that wants the technology and interface of rekordbox with the layout and build quality of a Nexus setup, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 is the perfect controller. Whilst Pioneer DJ have recently unveiled the new DDJ-1000SRT, rekordbox users benefit from a lower price equivalent - the original 1000. This controller has all the aspects of a professional, club standard unit. pioneer ddj-1000 controller rekordbox djtechdirect review

Highest Level Jogs

One of the key aspects of the 1000 is the Jog Wheel size and technology. This is the only Pioneer controller (other than its Serato counterpart) with fully sized jogs as seen on the NXS2 CDJs. You instantly feel at home using these. The jogs benefit from the fact that this is a rekordbox controller, as they can display key information from the software via a full colour display. This includes bpm, waveform and timings. Not even the Nexus CDJs have that! pioneer ddj-1000 jog wheel display

At Home or in the Club

All aspects of the 1000 have been filtered down from the club-standard Pioneer DJ equipment. The layout is instantly familiar as either an expanded version of the smaller controllers, or a single iteration of the NXS2 setup. Due to its light-weight build and available accessories (DJC-1X Bag), DJ's take this controller on the road as the optimal on-the-go solution. pioneer ddj-1000 controller

Improved Tech

For the scratch DJs amongst you, the crossfader is a key player in the quality of the controller. Pioneer DJ address this by utilising an improved Magvel fader that can withstand more than Ten Million movements - that's a lot. As a result, latency is reduced so scratching is as efficient as it can be. The fader caps also have a high quality feel to them, rather than the cheap plastic ones found on budget controllers. pioneer ddj-1000 magvel fader


In addition to the trusted family of beat fx (reverb, flanger, delay etc.), Pioneer DJ added four brand new options. Enigma Jet, Low Cut Echo, Mobius Triangle and Mobius Saw are all new FX to add that little bit extra to your set. The sound colour FX are present from the popular DJM range. When used in conjunction with the Beat FX, the Sound Colour FX create tension and build-ups to really show off your skills!

Enhanced Performance

No modern day DJ controller is complete without performance pads. Because of this, the 1000 comes with sixteen back-lit pads. The rubber pads trigger Hot-Cues, FX, Samples, Loops and even Key Shifts. The mixer is able to stand on its own due to having four available inputs. Turntables and external players are a welcome addition to the onboard mixer within this controller. With regards to outputs, this unit has a multitude of options. Master out is available through either RCA or XLR. Booth output utilises a 1/4 inch jack connection. Overall, the DDJ-1000 is a jack of all trades. Used by countless DJs across the globe, don't underestimate the abilities of this rekordbox controller! pioneer ddj-1000 performace pads controller Available to try in-store or order via our website!