Pioneer DDJ-200 vs DDJ-WeGO4 : Battle of the Portable DJ Controllers
The Pioneer DDJ-200 exploded onto the scene very recently. The reason for its abundant popularity is the price to performance ratio. The 200 sits at the bottom of the DDJ range of controllers (costing a mere £119) but performs as a fully capable rekordbox controller. Another portable offering from Pioneer DJ comes in the form of the DDJ-WeGO4, the fourth iteration in the popular WeGO range. This option comes in with a higher price overall, sharing a price tag with the next model up from the DDJ-200, which is the DDJ-400. But is the tried and trusted WeGO worth double the price of the new 200? Both are available on our website -! To assist with your choice, read on... pioneer ddj-200 ddj-wego4 rekordbox weDJ djtechdirect birmingham

Pioneer DDJ-200 vs DDJ-WeGO4 : Battle of the Portable DJ Controllers

The DDJ-200 has an interface in keeping with the modern layout of DJ controllers but on a smaller scale. The jogs, faders and pads are where you would expect them. The pitch faders aren't the biggest, but space is definitely a factor for the designers who have decided against using a full-sized scale. The play and cue buttons have their own allocated area, a bonus for people with human-sized hands. A major plus is the inclusion of three-band EQ, which they just about fit into the compact unit. The DDJ-WeGO4 shares little resemblance to the 200. The design has a more 'spherical', gamesphere esque approach. The button layout shares its look with the RMX units, positioned around the jog wheels in sequence. This allows the unit to have more physical controls for FX and loops, but are not as responsive as the performance pads that you get on the DDJ-200. The WeGO also only has two EQ controls, compared to the DDJ-200's three. DDJ-200 - 4.5/5 DDJ-WeGO4 - 3/5
The Pioneer DDJ-200 is designed to be the most portable option available, so it is first and foremost a control unit. No soundcard is included. When using rekordbox, it connects via USB, and you must then rely on your laptop's connections for speakers and headphones. When using a phone or iPad, the 200 connects via Bluetooth to the device and then relies on the device to connect to speakers and headphones. For this reason, Pioneer includes an audio splitter for iOS devices that splits the audio signal for monitoring and playback. The exclusion of built-in audio outputs or a headphone output are a factor in why the unit is so low budget, but it does make it that little bit harder to hook up. On the other hand, the DDJ-WeGO4 has a built-in soundcard. This is certainly factored into the reason why this option is a bit heavier on the wallet. All device connections are wired, so laptops and phones are connected via a USB or lightning cable. There is even a microphone input and dedicated headphone output, so setup is quick and easy! The addition of an analogue/AUX input would make it tough to beat. DDJ-200 - 2.5/5 DDJ-WeGO4 - 4/5 pioneer ddj-wego4 rear back unit dj controller djtechdirect birmingham
When it comes down to it, the most important aspect is how these feel to mix with. You instantly feel at home with the DDJ-200 due to the familiar layout and simplistic approach. You feel more like the equipment is a stepping stone towards a pro-level setup. If this controller was around when I was learning how to mix (my weapon of choice was a Hercules USB controller - pure nostalgia) it would have certainly been sitting on my desk. The WeGO4 is also a very good controller, helped along by the built-in soundcard. When mixing with it though, it is a tad more fatiguing. The button positioning isn't consistent with higher-end units and tweaking the EQ's is not as flexible as on the 200. Nevertheless, a beginner or casual DJ can have a LOT of fun with it. DDJ-200 - 4.5/5 DDJ-WeGO4 - 3/5 pioneer ddj-200 usb dj controller djtechdirect birmingham
Value for Money
The DDJ-200 comes in at £119, recently dropped from £139. At this price, you get a whole heap of features and start your journey to pro DJing. The WeGO4 retails at £269, which is even more pricey than the DDJ-400. Reason being, you get a soundcard which is in itself a significant feature. DDJ-200 - 4.5/5 DDJ-WeGO4 - 3/5
DDJ-200 - 16/20 DDJ-WeGO4 - 13/20 Both controllers are available to purchase on our website here!