Pioneer DDJ-800: Portable and Professional
The Pioneer DDJ-800 is a 2 channel rekordbox controller that bridges the gap between the super portable DDJ-400 and the more 'club level' DDJ-1000. The result is an extremely durable and compact alternative to the 1000, but with more features than the 400. These features include full-colour jog wheels, access to the mixer using external sources, microphone noise isolation and access to the pro level FX found on the DJM mixers. To try one out for yourself, visit our Birmingham showroom where we have a DDJ-800 on permanent demonstration! Alternatively, you can order a brand new unit through our website.

pioneer ddj-800 dj controller rekordbox djtechdirect birmingham

Pioneer DDJ-800: Portable and Professional

Just by looking at the physical interface of the 800, it is plain to see the upgrade one would get compared to the 400. It is more comparable to it's bigger sibling, the 1000, due to the performance pads and feature-heavy mixer. The 800 is 1.3kg lighter though, so it is a breeze to transport. pioneer ddj-800 portable bag controller rekordbox birmingham djtechdirect

Colourful Display

It is easier to hone in on your skills with this product. The wheel display gives you information that would otherwise have you depending on the laptop screen. Because of this, you don't need to be distracted from the controller for smooth and effective mixing. The display is customisable, so you can choose what information you want to see. This could be the BPM, waveform, playback position or even Hot Cue/Loop points. pioneer ddj-800 dj controller on jog colour display djtechdirect birmingham

Goodbye to Unwanted Noise

We've all heard it. That horrible 'howling' noise that occurs when the microphone (input transducer) picks up too much of what the speaker (output transducer) is playing. This creates a loop as seen in the diagram below. djtechdirect birmingham feedback ddj-800 controller The feedback noise happens when this looped unwanted noise exceeds unity (0dB gain). Pioneer embed technology within the DDJ-800 that notices when this situation occurs, and attenuates the signal to counteract the howling. This allows you or your singer/MC to use the microphone comfortably and stay in control of the performance. pioneer ddj-800 feedback reducer MC controller rekordbox djtechdirect birmingham

Professional Layout

The 800 provides the first insight into what it is like to use the club-standard Nexus setup. The layout mimics that of the CDJ's and DJM mixers, so the transition between these setups is smooth and easy. By arranging certain buttons in exactly the same way that they appear on the pro level decks, you get the most portable but advanced decks on the market.

pioneer dj controller ddj-800 birmingham djtechdirect

External Sources Welcome

Due to the internal soundcard technology, the channels on the mixer section of the 800 can control external sources. Because of this, the unit is compatible with any audio source that has an analogue output, such as turntables and media players. You still get the full features of the mixer, such as the FX and channel faders, meaning all your creativity is applicable just as it would be with the software.

pioneer ddj-800 dj controller rear back inputs outputs djtechdirect birmingham

Packed with Features

In addition to the main aspects within the 800, there are more features to make your performance that much better. Whilst not included with the package, the 800 is DVS enabled. What is included though, are the well-renowned performance pads. As with the 1000, these are used to trigger hot cues, loops, samples and cut and shape the sound in real-time. pioneer ddj-800 performance pads djtechdirect birmingham dj controller To see one of these fantastic controllers for yourself, or even try it out, visit our Birmingham Showroom. Don't forget, you can also purchase through our website with FREE SHIPPING! Head to for more info.