Pioneer DDJ-RZX - Leader of the Pack
The Pioneer DDJ-RZX is truly a front runner in the world of professional Audio-Visual DJ controllers. With a familiar four-channel layout, large nexus jog wheels and three touch screen displays, there is nothing quite like it! If you want all the features of a club standard nexus rig, with added benefits (and for half the price) then this could be the one for you. To see one for yourself, visit our Birmingham Showroom where it is on demonstration, or head over to our website to order!

pioneer ddj-rzx controller AV DJ rekordbox birmingham Pioneer DDJ-RZX - Leader of the Pack

The beauty of this particular controller is that it doesn't just settle for audio manipulation, it takes control of visual media too. The video program bundled in with the DDJ-RZX is an extension of the regular 'rekordbox dj' program. Since the unit has no need to play from external media sources such as USBs (like the new XDJ-XZ does), it relies on either the DJ or video program to run. Because of this, your entire music/video collection is at your fingertips!

rekordbox video

The three touch screens act as a graphic interface for the user, so despite needing a laptop/PC to run, the RZX takes full control. Load tracks and visual media as you would with any other controller, but with the added ability to alter the images on display. Slideshows of images can be presented to the crowd, with customised text layered over whatever is on the screen. "Happy Birthday Raven!" for example. The ability to run a live feed through the console is also available. You are truly at the helm with this product! rekordbox video pioneer software djtechdirect birmingham

Instantly at Home

The layout of the RZX shares a plethora of features with the club-standard Pioneer DJ setup. The large jog wheels are from the Nexus CDJ range, and the mixer has a lot in common with the DJM series. Also present are the trusty performance pads. Trigger Hot cues, pad fx, slicer and samples using the pads, taking your show to the next level. The sampler even has its own dedicated channel! This gives you room to beat-sync the samples and attenuate the output signal to fit comfortably within your mix.

pioneer ddj-rzx audio visual av dj controller rekordbox usb birmingham djtechdirectHigh Fidelity Audio

To live it up to its 'professional' label, the RZX comes equipped with very high-level components. Because of this, the sound output is of supreme quality. More specifically, resistance is reduced through the use of AC inlets, thus minimising cable contact. The digital to analogue converter is 96KHz/32 bit for high power, top-quality sound. pioneer dj ddj-rzx rekordbox controller av audio ac inlets rear front birmingham djtechdirect

Visualise the Mix

Arguably the coolest feature of the Pioneer DDJ-RZX is the addition of three full-colour touch screens. The usual information presents itself; track titles, bpm, key and waveforms. In addition to the norm, you can also load video previews so you can prepare the visual aspect of your set. Another benefit to the touchscreen technology is the 'Touch FX'. By touching areas on the X and Y axis, the sound changes based on the choice of FX.

A Real Beast

The RZX is a game-changer. With one of these, you have infinite possibilities to put on the biggest and best shows. Designed to do just that, the controller puts you in control of a whole range of features to make the crowd experience a full sensory extravaganza. Available to order on our website, it is truly worth the investment.