Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16: Pro Sampling Made Simple!
The Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16 creates a world of opportunities for music producers and performers. The company has joined forces with Dave Smith to produce a truly outstanding bit of gear. Dave Smith has been in the synth game since its inception. Often referred to as the 'Father of MIDI', he is responsible for the first programmable polyphonic synthesizer - the Prophet 5. The SP-16 uses his filter technology and utilises his vast experience in the field. With a full-colour touch screen, step sequencer, performance pads and analogue filters, it is the flagship unit within the TORAIZ range. The SP-16 is on permanent demonstration in our Birmingham Showroom, and can be ordered on our website here! pioneer dj toraiz sp-16 dave smith sampler

Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16: Pro Sampling Made Simple!

The SP-16 is for use in the studio and the DJ booth. In the studio, it is a tool for manipulating and sequencing audio samples to create new grooves. In the DJ booth, you can enhance your set with new patterns and make your performance stand out.

Modern Interface

Information is at your fingertips with the 7-inch touchscreen display. Samples are browsed, selected and colour coded using this function. The aspects of these samples, such as length, envelope and fx options can also be tweaked. pioneer sp-16 toraiz dave smith sampler touch screen full colour display

Sample Live

The vast connectivity within the SP-16 allows you to sample from a plethora of sources. Any input can be sampled to be used in your tracks, such as synthesizers or even turntables. What's more, the sample will then sync with the current pattern! Because of this, your opportunities with live manipulation are endless. pioneer toraiz sp-16 sampler dave smith live sampling

In Sequence

The 16-step sequencer serves the essential purpose of allowing you to control the sequence at every point. In total, this gives you the option to combine 256 iterations and patterns. Once a loop is in place, you can save it and play it back straight away. The dials below the screen are great for modulating the sounds. The colours on the backlit buttons are assigned to each sound. pioneer toraiz sp-16 sampler sequencing backlit buttons

Performance at the Forefront

For live performance and recording, the sixteen pads provide a tactile and solid area to jam and try out ideas. Whether adding samples in on the fly or building the foundations of the beat, the pads give you a chance to do this in your own way. As with the sequencer, the lights represent which sample is in play. Due to their sensitivity, they take into account the velocity information. The pressure applied to the pad affects the volume of the resulting sound. pioneer dj toraiz sp-16 sampler performance pads

Processing Power

The Toraiz SP-16 is the main hub for controlling your studio setup. Because of this, the processing power is mighty. There is 8GB of memory meaning you can use the SP-16 without the need for a PC/Mac. pioneer toraiz sp-16 dave smith sampler dj studio djtechdirect birmingham

Analogue Filters

With Dave Smith onboard, the technology behind the filters was always going to be top-notch! The unit uses the same filters as the well-reputed Prophet-6 synthesizer. The dials affect the cutoff, drive and resonance in a way that only analogue filters can.

Pride of Place

The Toraiz SP-16 has a home in any studio. It comes with samples already built-in, crafted by Loopmasters. Additionally, the unit takes advantage of the Pro DJ Link feature, enabling synchronisation with other linked devices. Overall it is a winner, providing hours of productive beat making and sequencing! Available to order on our website here!