pioneer djm-750mk2 mixer
The Pioneer DJM-750MK2 is the introductory four-channel mixer in the DJM range. Sitting between the DJM-450 and 900NXS2, this club standard mixer offers professional FX, send/return, superb audio quality, pro-level faders and works great with the included software! Found in a majority of bars and clubs worldwide, the 750 has everything a DJ needs and more. This mixer runs our demo DDJ controllers in our showroom, and can be ordered on our website! pioneer djm-750mk2 750 mixer

Pioneer DJM-750MK2: Four-Channel Goodness!

When partnered with a pair of CDJ's, XDJ's and/or Turntables, the 750 offers all the functionality and control that a Pro DJ needs. As it is just a one-piece mixer, source components are plugged in via the line or phono inputs on the back of the unit. The inclusion of a 'phono' input is perfect for the turntable DJ's amongst you, as the onboard phono pre-amp will boost the low-level audio from your decks to line level.

Professional Effects

In order to maximise creativity, there are three aspects that form the 'FX' section of the 750. Beat FX The full eleven choices of bpm matched effects are present with Pioneers expertly engineered sonic characteristics in full force. pioneer djm beat fx mixer FX Frequency Rather than just apply the effects signal modulation to the full frequency range, the 750 allows you to pick and choose between low, mid and high. The effect then applies to whichever combination is illuminated. This can be all three, just one, or two of the bands simultaneously. pioneer djm-750mk2 fx frequency Sound Colour FX For on-the-fly fine-tuning and quick creative flair, these effects are perfect. The parameters are also tweakable!

djtechdirect pioneer djm-750mk2 sound colour fx

Send and Return

For added individuality, the 750 mixer gives you the ability to incorporate FX units and synths within the signal chain. The digital USB slot allows you to plug in an apple product with fx, synth and sampler effect applications. The onboard FX on the 750 also affects the external music source. This feature is also used to record and archive using the DJM-REC application. pioneer djm-750mk2 send return fx app mixer

Stream to the world

Pioneer's DJM-REC app is the perfect companion for recording your DJ set and uploading it online (or keeping for yourself!). The Live streaming feature makes sure that the audio on your social media streams is high quality! No more faffing around taking the signal and converting it to upload. This app does the hard work for you! Just pop your USB cable into the 750 and you're away. pioneer djm-rec app ddj-750mk2 mixer usb

Sonic Superiority

Both analogue and digital audio signals are looked after in the 750. The DSP is a 64-bit processor with dithering and a 32-bit DAC. This ensures that the crowd get the full dynamics of your music with minimal loss and compression of the audio files. pioneer djm-750mk2 back connections mixer

Top-Level Components

The DJM-750MK2 shares fader and EQ components with those of its NXS2 siblings. The interface is precise and fluid, so the mixer works with you to get the best out of your set. Any purchase of the 750 activates rekordbox and it's DVS iteration. Because of this, timecoded vinyl works alongside the mixer straight away. There is no need for a 'pro' license purchase, the software is full!

Flagship Product

The 750 is an important entry in the DJM range. As a result, you may have already played on one. Having a four-channel mixer that comes in lower than the NXS2 range but offers all the main features (and more) has helped it find its way into booths far and wide. Therefore, if you haven't had the pleasure, we have one up and running in our Birmingham showroom! It is also available to order on our website.