Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 - Another Level
The Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 is the flagship, club standard, professional four-channel mixer on the DJ market. No questions asked. The sound quality, connectivity, layout, build quality and FX all make this mixer the number one choice out there right now. Used in all the superclubs by all the biggest names in the game, the 900NXS2 is the pinnacle of four-channel mixers without extreme add-ons (DJM-2000NXS territory). Often paired with the CDJ-2000NXS2, the ultimate NXS2 package is the worlds leading setup and is available to test drive in our Birmingham showroom! You can also order any of the NXS2 range on our website! pioneer djm-900nxs2 mixer

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 - Another Level

The first port of call when analysing the DJM-900NXS2 is to check the DSP (digital signal processing) specs. This mixer does all the final processing before the audio signal goes into an amplifier or active speakers, making it a very complex pre-amp. The number one feature of a pre-amp is how it processes the signal. To determine how well this works, it's worth checking the bit depth and sample rate. On this mixer, we get a 96kHz sample rate and 64-bit processor. To put that into perspective, CD-quality audio is 44.1kHz and 16-bit (otherwise known as the 'Red Book Standard'). The components within the circuitry of the pre-amp are also very high quality, which ensures that the audio quality is maintained. By taking the time to develop these aspects of the mixer, less noise interferes with the audio signal. Those using turntables can rely on the phono pre-amp onboard this mixer. Turntables output a pure analogue signal, so the processing of this signal is a priority. The high-end DAC's and ADC's on the 900NXS2 make this happen.

Abundance of Effects

One thing lacking on budget mixers (and even lower-end Pioneer mixers) is a wide selection of FX. 80% of the right-hand section of this mixer is FX. The three main aspects of the FX section are; BEAT FX - These correspond to the tempo of the current song playing. The parameters are adjustable. Because of this, long reverb times and fast-rolling delays blend seamlessly with your set. FX FREQUENCY - You don't always want the Beat FX using to the full frequency range. Due to this, the 900 gives you three frequency bands to apply the FX to; LOW, MID and HI. You can utilise these how you wish, combining them in whatever way does the trick. SOUND COLOR FX - Each of the four channels has a dedicated 'color' knob (excuse the American spelling). The result of using this depends on which of the six options are selected. Sweeps and filters are applied in real-time, great for build-ups and creative flair. pioneer djm-900nxs2 beat fx sound colour fx frequency section

Packed with Features

Four players can use a matching source with the Pro DJ Link feature. Because of this, quantisation and beat-matching are much more efficient. The strong and reliable Magvel crossfader is present, ensuring solid performance and rigid build quality. Small adjustments are possible with the equalisation curve, so you can choose between a standard cut/boost of the frequency band or more isolation. The channel and crossfaders have three curvature selections. Due to this, the 900 is massively user-friendly. pioneer djm-900nxs2 dj mixer

Software Friendly

For the DVS and software DJ's amongst you, the 900 has you covered. This mixer works with rekordbox DVS, Traktor DVS control and Serato. The 'big three' in the DJ software world are all welcome. For this reason, the 900 is a real all-rounder. DJ's can plug-in and play no matter what their style or preference. As a result, bars and clubs all over the globe look to this mixer as the number one choice! The DJM-900NXS2 needs to be seen and tried to gauge just how great it really is. Therefore, we have it on permanent demonstration in our Birmingham showroom. You can also order one for yourself over on our website!