Pioneer DM-40 Active Speakers

Pioneer DM-40 Active Speakers

Pioneer DM-40 Active Speakers, are perfect for those wanting quality but are limited for space and on a budget.

4" speakers have always been hit and miss (mainly miss), as they were so close to just being 'book shelf' speakers and tended to blow after a few hours of use, so people quickly realised that really, theres just no point in getting them, as you might as well just save for an extra month and get some KRK Rocket 6's. Thats all well and good, but what if you arent going to be playing the music at a decent volume but you still want a punchy sound and you physically cant fit 6's into the space? Well, KRK released the 4" rockets late last year and its fair to say that they filled a void in the market, so its only a matter of time before everyone else wants a piece of the pie.

Pioneer DM-40 Active Speakers

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So here we introduce the Pioneer DM-40... After the success of the RM-05 and RM-07 last year, Pioneer have kind of said to the monitor world - WE'RE BAAAACK. Now monitors to some extent, are all personal preference, as peoples ears are different, but lets be honest, Pioneer monitors have never been anywhere near as good as their DJ products, or car stereos come to think of it. Saying that, you can see that amount of time and effort that has been put into their latest speakers, as we now HAVE to take them seriously when it comes to sound. The RM's are big heavy boulders, that pack as much of a crisp punch as a right hook from Anthony Joshua would... something that you wouldnt forget in a hurry.... So when these little babies came out, it was interesting to hear if they were masters in the lightweight division.

Yes they are smaller and run off phono and mini jack, so you have to accept what sound they will give you. But its fair to say, the punch from these is far from amateur, especially when the design of them means that they can be flush to a wall and you wont lose much quality. Listen, they serve a purpose... if youre struggling for space, please do not say "ah, they arent as good as the Rocket 5's or Yamaha HS5" etc etc.. think about why you are looking for small speakers... and if you want to save space and have a quality sound, then look no further.

Main Features

The DM-40s’ 4-inch fiberglass woofers output bass from the front and the bass ducts feature grooves to reduce air friction – so you’ll feel a tight, punchy bass even if you put the speakers close to the wall.

¾-inch soft dome tweeters with convex diffusers that use DECO technology from TAD Labs. The diffusers channel high frequencies left, right and up – so you’ll enjoy a wide sweet spot and 3D stereo sound wherever you sit or stand.

The tweeter and woofer are carefully positioned to eliminate crossover and ensure a well-balanced response across the frequencies, while a Class AB amp ensures perfect clarity with low-distortion and no loss of quality.

The cabinet’s curved front increases its rigidity and reduces external diffraction – as well as looking good in your home set-up.


Type 2-way bass reflex active monitor speaker
Tweeter ¾-inch soft dome tweeter
Woofer 4-inch fibreglass woofer
Amplifier output Left channel: 21 W / 4 Ω , Class AB Right channel: 21 W / 4 Ω , Class AB
Input ports RCA x 1, 3.5mm stereo mini plug x 1
Output ports Headphone output x 1
Input impedance 10 kΩ
Power consumption 35 W
Stand-by power consumption 0.5 W or less
Maximum external dimensions (W x H x D) Left channel: 146 x 227 x 223 mm Right channel: 146 x 227 x 210 mm
Weight Left channel: 2.7 kg Right channel: 2.2 kg
Included accessories Power cord, speaker cable (for Left/Right channel connection), Operating instructions

Pre-orders are now being taken, so contact the store on 0121 224 7650 or with a 10% deposit, to be the first to receive them in the uk....