Pioneer HRM-5 & HRM-6
Pioneer HRM-5 & HRM-6 Review Following the success of the Pioneer HRM-7, a specific studio monitoring headphone, Pioneer have now added two more headphones to their studio monitor range, the HRM-5 and the HRM-6. These arent to replace the amazing HRM-7's, theyre just additional cans to give more options to the consumers. They both have a new 40 mm driver, giving a frequency range up to 40 KHz. They come with detachable cables, ultra comfortable memory foam ear pads, and snug adjustable headbands..... Also, all of the parts are replaceable. hrm-5-6-launch One thing that stands out for me with the new models compared to the older HRM-7 is the build quality. The Pioneer HRM-5 & HRM-6 seem a lot more sturdy, with more substance but saying that, I think that arent designed with the idea of them never leaving your mixing desk. They both are very portable and aimed very much so, at the travelling producer that is aways 'on the go'. I would be very cautious if I were to throw the 7's in a travel bag whilst sat on a plane flight... No actually, I wouldnt do that at all, they would break... But the new models, I probably would, but obviously with caution ;) You see where im going though... They just give more options to the producers out there and one thing that i think that Pioneer are trying to stress, is that dj headphones are NOT studio headphones. Until you actually hear the difference for yourself, I dont think that you would fully understand that statement, they sound a million times different as the settings are made worlds apart... For example, if your djing on a Void System, youre going to need something which can handle bass at volume... and if your producing a track, you dont want the bass distorting the rest of the track.

Right, in a nutshell... 1. High-quality drivers for a high-res, neutral sound The HRM-6s feature a newly designed 40 mm HD driver unit with lightweight copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW), which reproduces high-res audio between 5 Hz and 40 kHz – while the HRM-5s’ 40 mm driver with lightweight CCAW has a frequency range of 5 Hz to 30 kHz. The HRM-6s have a maximum input of 2000 mW to reduce distortion even at high volumes. 2. Bass reflex chamber for accurate lows and clean monitoring The bass reflex chamber in the upper housing improves airflow for excellent bass response and sound insulation. A large rare-earth magnet ensures clean low to mid frequencies, while the HRM-6 has a rigid aluminum, two-layer damping structure to reduce unwanted resonance. 3. Memory foam ear pads and adjustable fit Find your perfect fit with the fully adjustable stainless steel headband. Memory foam ear pads, soft polyurethane (PU) leather covers and flexible housings help to ensure comfort over long sessions. The HRM-6s’ flat ear pads ensure a more snug fit for extra sound insulation. 4. Compact and portable Fold the headphones flat and use the compact carry case to take them out and about. 5. A choice of detachable cables Both models come with a 1.2 m coiled cable (3 m when extended) and a 3 m straight cable. The HRM-6s also come with a 1.2 m straight cable for use on the move.