Pioneer PLX-1000: The Modern Day Standard
The Pioneer PLX-1000 is the modern-day go-to for vinyl DJs. With its high torque, great control and intelligent sound design, a lot of DJ's are choosing this deck over the competitors. But what makes it the cream of the crop? It looks the part, with a brushed metal finish and sturdy build. All the features of a classic DJ deck are present, with speed control of up to +-50% and two-speed direct-drive motor. The unit works with standard headshell and cartridge, but the universally designed tonearm allows for an upgrade to a higher grade option, like the Ortofon Concorde. To get a feel for how great this deck really is, head to our Birmingham showroom where it is on permanent demonstration! Alternatively, you can order through our website -

pioneer plx-1000 turntable vinyl dj deck record player birmingham djtechdirectPioneer PLX-1000: The Modern Day Standard

The PLX-1000 is a familiar product that makes any Vinyl DJ feel instantly at home. It is engineered for the professional booth, crafted from over fifty years of experience.

Quality Engineering

When it comes to DJ turntables, certain factors are of key importance. Because of this, Pioneer DJ ensures that the PLX-1000 has the technical backing behind it. The direct drive gives a significant torque level, making for controlled rotation with high stability. Getting to 331/3 rpm is quick, the deck reaches it in just 0.3 seconds. pioneer plx-1000 pcx10 turntable dj deck vinyl

Superior Sound

There are a lot of reasons why the sonic detail expressed from the tracks you play on this deck is so good. In order to stop resonant frequencies and vibrations interfering with the signal, the chassis is manufactured with die-cast zinc. Due to this, the weight of the deck creates a heavy-mass. This is further enhanced using damping material and thick resin at the base. The tonearm insulation uses rubber, used elsewhere in the deck as well to absorb external vibrations. pioneer plx-1000 sound isolation materials turntable

Speed and Sound

In addition to the standard pitch fader that adjusts the speed of the motor for beatmatching, there are multiple speed options. Because of this, the speed will change between a greater or smaller range based on your selection. The ranges include 8%, 16% and 50%. As a fail-safe, the tempo reset button takes you straight back to 0. pioneer plx-1000 pitch control tempo fader turntable


Rather than force you to settle for moulded RCA and power cables, the Pioneer PLX-1000 has upgrade options. As the phono output comes in the form of gold plated RCA plugs, a high grade interconnect/tonearm cable is an option. This is also true of the mains cable. pioneer plx-1000 rca phono plugs turntable

Leader of the Pack

It is very difficult to see a DJ turntable these days and not compare it to its infamous predecessors (*cough cough* Technics SL-1210MK2). One thing I get asked a lot is "which one is closest to the old technics?". This deck is arguably the best answer. Based on how it feels to mix with and the sound that it kicks out, it is no surprise that the old Technics lovers have migrated to this model. Don't be shocked if you see these in bars and clubs as the go-to turntable. The new components mean it is easier to run in a club environment, so it is that bit more reliable. To try one out for yourself, we have a model on permanent demonstration in our Birmingham showroom. Alternatively, you can order through our website!