Pioneer RMX Series - Add Your Own Creative Flair!
Pioneer's effects selection is world-renowned and is a feature they utilise on a majority of their products. The RMX-1000 and RMX-500 give you even more room for creativity with real-time FX, frequency isolation and drum sampling. A perfect addition to any DJ setup, these FX units attenuate and alter the audio signal during live performance. Both products work with Pioneer DJ equipment or alternative mixers, useful when you don't have a lot of FX options onboard (such as the RANE MP2015). Spotted in DJ Booths worldwide, these little beauties take your performance to the next level. Try the RMX-1000 out in our Birmingham showroom, where it is hooked up to a full NXS2 set up, or visit our website to order! pioneer dj rmx 1000 500 djtechdirect birmingham


The RMX-1000 is the ultimate addition to a live DJ set. Packed with features to broaden the horizons of your existing library, you can build up to tantalising crescendos and break down to rumbling mid-sections.
Scene FX
The Scene FX section of the unit introduces FX elements to your music in real-time. The red effects on the top of the area help create an uplifting atmosphere. The blue options on the underside are for breaking down the music. You adjust these parameters using the attenuating knob in the centre. When used in a live setting, these features really make an impact and keep the crowd in the palm of your hand.
Isolator FX
The isolating section of the RMX-1000 enables you to attenuate the input signal based on three frequency bands (Low, Mid and Hi). Because of this, you get the chance to be creative with certain frequencies rather than the entire mix. The 'Hi' band is great for hi-hats, and 'Mid' is where the vocals sit and 'Low' works on the bass. As well as cutting and boosting the sound, these parameters isolate the frequencies. Additional options include Trans, Roll, Gate and Drive.
The built-in samples on the machine are your essential percussive hits. The four options are Kick-Drum, Snare-Drum, Clap and Hats. With these on board, you instantly become a remixer! The pads quantise with the input signal and match the bpm, keeping timing tight. The samples trigger upon pressing the matching button, but roll when you hold down the pad. The repeating samples roll at different note lengths depending on which part of the pad you hold your finger on. What's more, the pitch of the sample changes when using the attenuator to the left of the pads. pioneer rmx 1000 andrea oliva birmingham djtechdirect


The model below the RMX-1000, the 500 is basically the 'lite' version. With a more symmetrical design, it focusses on the features of the larger alternative in a simpler way.
Rhythm FX
The samples on board this model are manipulated in a different way compared to the 1000. Rather than an X-Pad, the samples are triggered using buttons on a similar layout to the scene fx. Introduced on the 500 is the addition of a Crash Cymbal sample. The knob in the centre of the rhythm fx is pressure-sensitive, which is perfect for exploring the depth of the active effects. pioneer rmx 500 1000 effecs unit dj controller djtechdirect birmingham Both of these units do a fantastic job of making your DJ set original and individual. As they can run via send/return or just in-line, they fit with a vast majority of DJ setups. To get a proper feel for what they can do, visit our Birmingham showroom in Digbeth and our team would be happy to show you the features! Both products are also available to order on our website!