Pioneer XDJ-RR: Pro Level Features, Affordable Price Tag!

Pioneer XDJ-RR: Pro Level Features, Affordable Price Tag!

Every DJ has their preferences; Vinyl, Rekordbox, Serato, USB, CD, Traktor, DVS, the list is long! When it comes to using USB's in a standalone setting, there a few controllers as 'professional yet affordable' as the Pioneer XDJ-RR. pioneer xdj-rr controller standalone all in one dj

Best of Both Worlds

The medium size and built-in controls of the RR mean that it is suitable for both at home and in the club. Let's be honest, no one is lugging around their Nexus setup from gig to gig. This is where the RR comes in. The two-channel controller has a tonne of filtered down technology from the flagship Nexus 2 range from Pioneer DJ. You have two main options when it comes to how you utilise the RR. The first method is with rekordox. This unit unlocks the software licence using the included licence key. This gives you access to all of your digital library, whilst using the performance pads to unleash your inner creative mix maestro. The second method is to use USB sticks to store your playlists and audio files. When plugged into the RR, you can use the unit as a standalone DJ solution. Having both of these options is a massive plus for the diverse DJ. Maybe you take on a lot of different gigs, such as weddings and underground events. The XDJ-RR lets you prepare for any eventuality.


Rather than rely on laptop screens and small dot matrix displays, the RR has a seven-inch, full-colour screen. This displays all the data you need in the same format as the Nexus 2 players. Keeping an eye on both decks has never been this easy.

Professional Features

Despite coming in at nearly half the price of a Nexus 2 unit, the XDJ-RR has most of the features seen on the top of the range gear. The mixer shares a lot of characteristics with the DJM-450, due to the EQ curves being the same and the FX being present. The faders are also top quality. Fitting all of this into such a lightweight and affordable unit is quite the feat! pioneer xdj-rr mixer controller fader eq


The included rekordbox software is one of the best programs for DJ's available. This is due to the fact that it is all right there for you, no 'Pro' upgrades or paid add-ons, you get everything straight away. The RR can also be used with the DDJ-XP1 and/or DDJ-XP2. These units, combined with the XDJ-RR, make for a seriously good setup! pioneer dj xdj-rr ddj-xp1 ddj-xp2 rekordbox Available to try in-store or via our website!