The world of mobile DJ's is becoming more and more crowded and thus more competitive. So you need to differentiate yourself more than ever now. One way to do that is to turn up with one of these Pioneer XPRS active speaker set ups. If you want your sets to sound great and reach everyone in the room then Pioneer have really gone all out with the XPRS range. xprs

The Science

Alot of research and science has gone into designing this range and it shows. The cabinets are made of thick Birch Plywood for as little vibration and resonance as possible. The Bass driver is made of Ferrite, a cermamic material with high electrical resistance. Combine this with the 1.75 inch titanium diaphragm compression driver and you get a clean expansive sound with no distortion. The speakers come with Powersoft Class D amps built in. Powersoft are globally recognised as a leader in pro audio. The amps push 2400W (peak) or 1200W (RMS) which is plenty loud however have a clever technology built in to reduce power consumption while ensuring steady reliable performance. xprs Pioneer have developed something called AFast Technology. This is utilised to add clarity to the bass as it reduces standing waves. An acoustic tube in the cabinet absorbs only the standing waves which improves frequency response.


The XPRS range comes with 4 EQ modes to customise the sound depending on the room and situation. You can switch between Flat, Bass, Speech and Wedge mode. Each mode tweaks the sound to adapt to the different scenarios.

Stay Protected

Pioneer have thought about reliability when it comes to the XPRS range of speakers. There are a number of fail safes built in to protect the entire system. A thermal limiter protects the amp from over heating and the speakers have a system in place to reduce the output of the speaker to safe levels in the event of an output overcurrent. To protect the speakers themselves, they shut down in the event that a driver is blown to prevent further damage. It has a high frequency protection built in to avoid damage to speakers if you suddenly get a lot of sound such as feedback etc. The mains adapter protects against sudden power surges too so this system is as reliable as they get.


Stay Connected

The XPRS speakers have an abundance of connections so getting set up won't be an issue. Pioneer have tried to make this as plug and play as possible and have given you plenty of ways to connect your devices. The two balanced combi sockets mean you can plug in either XLR or TRS cables into these aswell as unbalanced RCA.


Built to be on the Road

Pioneer have thought about the DJ when it comes to designing these speakers. The horn can be rotated 90 degrees giving you the option to place the speaker normally or on its side and still get a wide expansive soundstage. The speaker can be mounted on stands straight or the pole mount can be adjusted and tilted so the speakers can be placed more accurately. Handles are thoughtfully placed so they are easy to carry.



Pioneer have a track record in the DJ industry so you would be foolish to think that their active speaker range would sound nothing short of great. What may surprise people is the extent Pioneer have gone to, to ensure that you get a set of speakers that is not only great sounding, but also built to last and reliable. The entire Pioneer XPRS range is available to order online today. You can come into our Birmingham showroom and give them a listen too.