Pioneer XPRS12 Featured Image
Pioneer XPRS12 powered speakers are designed and engineered to provide a big professional sound in a portable and easy to use package. It doesn't matter how much money you've invested in your decks, mixer, or music collection; if you plug into a bad PA system it will ruin the sound of your performance, and seriously kill the vibe of your set! A great PA system can make a room light up, and especially if you're a mobile DJ, is a solid investment. Leaders in DJ Technology, Pioneer, offer the excellent XPRS12 speakers which prove great sound needn't break the bank - or your back! Pioneer XPRS12

Portable Pioneer Powerhouse

For years, you've been forced to compromise: a portable PA system which lacks the power and quality of a full-size PA system, or carry a large, heavy PA rig which sounds great, but needs a van and two people to set up. What if you own a small venue where there simply isn't room for racks of amplifiers, crossovers, EQs and processing? Pioneer's XPRS series of active loudspeakers aims to end the compromise between compact size, ease of use and sound quality. Whilst Pioneer may not be a name you immediately think of when it comes to PA systems, it's worth bearing in mind that Pioneer has created an acclaimed following for their monitor speaker technology. Pioneer's RM series monitors seemingly came from nowhere, and yet in a short space of time quickly won over press and pundits alike. Don't be surprised to see the XPRS series speakers achieve the same positive reception; these are quality PA speakers with world-class design and engineering.

Pioneer XPRS12 - Fuss Free Sound

The Pioneer XPRS12 is an active, two-way loudspeaker system incorporating a 12-inch ferrite LF driver and 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver for quality sound, even at high volumes. The power behind the speakers is provided by a hi-tech, modern power amplification system by Powersoft The Powersoft amplifiers, built right into every XPRS loudspeaker system are Class D amplifier modules. Class D amplification results in extremely compact, lightweight and energy efficient amplifiers; exactly what you want in a portable yet powerful loudspeaker system. Each Powersoft module is capable of kicking out an extremely healthy 1200 watts (continuous) output. Pioneer XPRS12 rear Forget the mess of cables and external processors you had to use with heavy, traditional PA systems; each Pioneer XPRS12 loudspeaker incorporates not only the amplification and crossovers, but a basic integrated mixer for direct, fuss-free connection from your sources, and to other loudspeakers. 2 balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets allow you to connect a microphone or line source directly and unbalanced RCA connections mean you can also connect a stereo line source at the same time; a single speaker could be all you need as a solo performer! Of course, most users will wish to connect external mixers, and most likely a pair of XPRS12 speakers. This is all made easy with the range of connections available, you can even connect a powered subwoofer such as the XPRS115S for maximum oomph!

Versatile and Adaptable

The Pioneer XPRS12 is designed to allow for a number of common usage scenarios, including that as a powered monitor "wedge" loudspeaker. A four position EQ control tailors the response of the XPRS12 for common situations: Flat - gives the full uncoloured response for use as a PA speaker. Bass + adds a low-end boost. Speech - adds a vocal tailored EQ ideal for conferences etc. Wedge - reduces low-end response for floor based monitoring. Pioneer XPRS12 wedge One extra 'party trick' up the sleeve of the XPRS12, is that the HF horn can be rotated 180 degrees. This ensures that if the speaker is placed on the ground as a monitor wedge, for example, that the high-frequency dispersion is optimised for stage use. Is there anything Pioneer's engineers haven't thought of? With a staggering seven-year warranty and a badge from one of the undisputed leaders in the field of DJ technology, Pioneer XPRS12 powered PA speakers represent an excellent choice for anyone needing a great sounding, portable, powered loudspeaker.