Rane's SEVENTY-TWO Mixer & TWELVE Digital-Vinyl Deck

Embrace the Hybrid - Rane Presents the SEVENTY-TWO Mixer & TWELVE Digital-Vinyl Deck

Embrace the hybrid with the Rane SEVENTY-TWO mixer and TWELVE digital-vinyl turntable, a new revolution in hybrid technology - fusing the old and the new in a game-changing industry first.

TWELVE Digital-Vinyl Deck

The Rane TWELVE is one of the most advanced turntables on the market; true-vinyl performance with all the latest Serato digital technology. For the first time ever DJ's and Turntablist's are liberated from the pain of damaged tone arms, replacement needles, and unwanted feedback. Push the boundaries of your creative mixing with hot cues, track search, and zero tonearm/stylus calibration - 100% vinyl 'real feel' without the hassle. Twelve_angle_web_2700x1380


Have the complete vinyl-digital innovative setup by combining with the latest Serato software and Rane SEVENTY-TWO; a 2-channel, advanced control and performance, battle-style mixer, imbued with Serato's most advanced software to date - total creative control in an easy-to-use and wholly familiar design. Featuring full colour touchscreen interface, stackable Serato and Flex FX, and ultimate expressive playback control via eight multi-function trigger pads. SeventyTwo_angle_web_2700x1380_c This versatile set up provides the platform for unseen artistic frontiers, seamlessly switching between digital and analogue styles of mixing without compromising on either. Tech savants and vinyl purists can finally put their differences aside as Rane champions a new perspective into the future of the music industry.