Reloop RMX90 DVS: High performance, high quality
Reloop RMX90 DVS high-performance club mixer is quite possibly better than any mixer the brand have made yet. Reloop have really excelled themselves with the RMX90. We are beyond impressed.


The RMX90 heavily draws inspiration from the popular and much-loved RMX80, which has proved itself as a high-calibre yet affordable alternative to kit from more high-end brands. The RMX90 uses its predecessor as a blueprint so it follows a very similar layout, such as being a 4-channel mixer with two phono inputs specifically for turntables and two microphone inputs. You can also double the mic input up as an AUX input, which is a cool little versatile twist. reloop-rmx90-featured

In-Built Serato DJ Software

The most striking feature of the RMX90 has to be its interface which is designed especially for Serato DJ. In a user-friendly move, you do not need to buy new software or licenses to use Serato as the model is handily Serato DJ and DVS-enabled. The model really puts the ‘play’ into the term ‘plug n play’. Serato DVs truly brings timeless turntable techniques into the digital, giving you the best of both worlds. The tracking and resolution of the Serato Control Vinyl make perfect use of the model’s 24-bit resolution and, thanks to its Noise Map Control protocol, it excels the reaches usually found on a midi. reloop-rmx90-front

Laden with features

So want can you actually do with this new-fangled design? With so many features on offer it can be somewhat difficult to know where to start. Let’s take a run through of the most pertinent features on offer. Firstly, you can play and control up to four decks with timecode, in combinations of four CD players or two turntables and two CD players. If you wish you can then add in a midi controller. It might not be one of the flashiest aspects of this device, but we really appreciate how the model utilises three USB ports thanks to its built-in USB port. You can save USB ports on your computer and keep everything neat and pared-down. We’re sticklers for a tidy USB hub. In terms of music effects and the actual mixing side of things, there is a beats section on the right-hand side of the device featuring twelve effects that you can sync up to the beats per minute. Extra features added that distinguish this model from its predecessor are its crossfade curve adjust and an exhaustive set up menu. What’s more, the crossfader can be upgraded to the innofader. This, coupled with its DVS capability, results in a mixer that can also be easily utilised as a scratch mixer. Brilliantly versatile, we think you will agree.

Sound Performance

Reloop have clearly put the creation of powerful and clear sound at the heart of this design. This goal has been achieved by its fully digital inner workings and high-resolution 24-bit audio interface.

Construction and Aesthetic

Casting a quick glance at the model it immediately appears sleek and sophisticated thanks to its deep metallic finish. This results in a design that is both visually stunning and brilliantly durable, so is able to withstand the most physically enthusiastic mixing styles. reloop-rmx90-connections You can rely on Reloop to create solid, reliable kit and the RMX90 is no exception. The RMX90 does not massively stray from the earlier RMX80, but that is no bad thing considering the quality and popularity of that design. For its price point, it is impressive that full Serato DJ and Serato DVS come in-built. The RMX90 is definitely worth your time to take a closer look as it offers everything you would want from a high-performance club mixer.