Sennheiser Launch New DJ Headphones: HD8 DJ, HD7 DJ and HD6 Mix

Building on a legacy of indestructible DJ and studio headphones, the HD8 DJ, HD7 DJ and HD6 Mix are due to be released at the end of this month.

With headphones such as the HD25 being a favourite with DJs across the globe, are Sennheiser just reinventing the wheel or have they improved monitoring headphones for the better? Sennheiser are a headphone brand renowned for high quality headphones across DJ and studio applications. One of our best sellers - the Sennheiser HD25 has became an industry standard over the years used by countless A-List DJs including the likes of Qbert and Bob Sinclair. The HD25s made a name for themselves by being one of the most sturdy headphones on the market ideal for the working DJ yet while still producing an accurate enough sound for monitoring, live sound and music production. Astonishingly the infamous cans celebrated their 25th birthday last year by releasing an aluminium anniversary edition, however designed in the late ‘80s is it about time Sennheiser changed the record? Let’s have a closer look at the range in more detail and what you can expect to pay.



The HD7 DJ and HD8 DJ, as the name suggest are targeted at professional DJs. Sennheiser have tweaked the sound of both headphones for beatmatching; hi-hats, snares and claps alike can be heard with clarity thanks to the tailored EQ boost around the low-mid and high-end frequencies. To look at the new models resemble something a lot more DJ-like; a chunky headband and larger cups look a lot more comfortable for hours of mixing. HD7 DJ vs HD8 DJ: Both headphones use the same drivers and components, however the HD8 DJ benefits from a metal reinforced chasis HD8DJ vs HD25: Compared with the HD25, the new range have utilised oval shaped closed cups which provide better isolation with a more ergonomic design. They've also upgraded components on the newer model with kevlar coated cables and more durable end connections.


HD7 DJ & HD8 DJ Specs:

95 Ohms 8 - 30,000 kHz frequency response 500 mW load rating 115 dB (1kHz / 1Vrms) SPL Current price £209.99 / £249.99

HD6 Mix

The HD6 Mix although very similar to it's DJ counterparts is very similar as far as looks and comfort are concerned but with a few tweaks to the sound quality. The HD6s are made for a more flat sound, perfect for studio use or monitoring situations where you may need to be making more accurate tweaks to frequencies. The great thing is about them is that they still benefit from closed-cup isolation and the same 210° swivel mechanism - essentially if you are a DJ who needs something that performs in the studio as well as the stage these will be perfect for you.

HD6 Mix Specs:

150 Ohms 8 - 30,000 kHz frequency response 500 mW load rating 115 dB (1kHz / 1Vrms) SPL Current price £174.99

We're expecting these brand new headphones to come in stock towards the end of this month. If you want to get your hands on what is set to be a game-changing range of DJ and Studio headphones, pre-order your pair here.