Technics SL1210 - The Turntable that began Hip Hop
If you are a DJ, you know about the Technics SL1210. If you don't, this might be the perfect article for you. But really you should already know what im talking about. Technics released the SL1210MK7 in 2019 and with it came a higher price point. So is it worth the hype? Today we won't be delving too deep into the technical specs but more what made Technics so superior in the first place. So where do we start? How about the beginning... technics

SP-10 - 1970

So Technics started the road to the SL1210 in 1970 by creating the worlds first direct drive turntable. This technology was later developed further when creating the SL1200 range. Before this turntables relied on belt driven systems. The fact it got to correct speed quicker was a major factor in the development of DJ'ing as an art. technics

SL1200MK2 - 1979

Between 1970 and 79 Technics developed a few more direct drive decjs including the first iteration of the SL1200 however it wasn't until 1979 and the MK2 that the range really came into its own. The staff started seeing DJ's using the original sl1200 as an instrument in clubs and disco's and so they developed the MK2 and took into consideration the needs of the DJ. It was the first of its kind that was made for home hifi but also catered to the pro audio scene. This was the turntable that really started the DJ scene and the basis of some of the most iconic hip hop music of all time. technics

SL1200MK3 - 1989

With the MK2, Technics developed the Quartz lock for even more rotational accuracy and a vertical pitch fader. The mk3 was released ten years later. This version came with a slip mat included as Technics noticed many DJ's would create their own often, rather than using the rubber mat that they normally shipped with. technics

SL1200LTD - 1995

To honour 2 million units being sold, Technics released a limited edition SL1200 with 24K Gold Plated parts. They made only 5000, with each having an individual model number. This showed the world Technics was well on top in the turntable game. The limited edition model resembled the turntable given to the winner of the World DJ championships technics

SL1210MK7 - 2019

So the SL1210mk7 (known as the SL1200 outside of Europe) is the latest iteration of this iconic turntable and it lives up to its predecessors. technics Technics have further developed the direct drive system that made the brand famous. You won't find a quieter, smoother motor on the market. They continue with the S Shaped tone arm and have great sound isolation built into the feet. This means whatever environment you are in, the 1210's should be up for the challenge. technics The pitch fader is also new. Its now fully digital meaning even more accuracy. There are beautiful touches of tradition in the MK7 too however. Under the hood its a completely new product. Everything has been upgraded and developed from the inside however they have kept alot of really loved features. The inclusion of the stylus light and even the strobe light. Even though the strobe is probably mostly redundant at this point, many DJ's love the familiarity and comfort of having it there.


The Technics SL1210MK7 is a stunning turntable. It would be irresponsible to say anything otherwise. There is a reason this turntable has gone down in history. Technics haven't rested on their laurels and have made sure this is a high quality product. This does come at a price however if your a turntable enthusiast, its definitely still worth it. What is nice about the MK7 is that Technics seems to understand its audience and hasn't tried to fix something that isn't broken. They have also continued to listen to the market throughout the generations and that's why its still on top over 40 years later. The Technics SL1210MK7 is available to order on our website today.