The Multi-Purpose Maschine Studio

Forward Thinking & Functional

Combining Native Instrument's most intuitive hardware and software applications into one ultra-responsive unit; Maschine Studio is a producer's ultimate production workstation - forward thinking, tactile, and oozing with functionality. Capitalising on quality build and workflow enhancement, the Maschine Studio offers dedicated hands-on control and clear visual feedback for every aspect of the Maschine music creation package. Creating original beats is faster, browsing made easier, and mixing absolutely seamless. maschine studio 1

Be in Control

The Maschine Studio exudes control in abundance, aided by two high-resolution colour screens. Keep your eyes on the prize with focus moved away from the computer screen and placed firmly in the workflow of the Maschine interface. Screens clearly display your patterns and scenes on the left hand side, while your real-time recorded events feature on the right. Leave screen hopping in the dust, dedicating more time to the creative process and beat crafting perfection.

Browse and Edit in Flow

Maschine Studio uses the incredibly functional screens to display everything you need to see, allowing you to edit, browse, mix and advance through your workflow quickly and intuitively. Sensitivity adjustable pads pick up every nuance of your rhythms, the subtly of your finger drumming, your intricate patterns and instructions. Multi-colour illuminations help to group and categories your library of sounds, improving workflow and visual feedback within your creative projects.

maschine studio 2

Simple Operation

Maschine Studio is a simple, straightforward and automatically mapped USB MIDI Controller, equipped with dedicated edit buttons and an ultra-precise jog-wheel for accurate editing and improved browsing. True-to-life mixing capabilities are brought to the Maschine for the first time. As well as up to date and future-proof with additional Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 software, the Maschine Studio also builds on the greatness of its predecessors while embracing a number of key extras such as improved browsing, editing and arranging functionality. A production workstation for the creatives who are always in flow. Full versions of MASSIVE, PRISM, SCARBEE MARK I, and SOLID BUS COMP also come as standard.