The Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 – A New Dimension?

For the past six years the CDJ-2000NXS2 has reigned supreme over the DJ world as the media player of choice, as shown in that close to 90% of nightclubs use CDJ-2000NXS2 or equivalent players. With competitors such as Denon DJ with their SC5000 and SC6000 ranges vying to take the crown of the king of the media player world, everybody was keen to see what Pioneer DJ had up their sleeve and here it is….the CDJ-3000.

The CDJ-3000 represents six plus years of hard work and development to bring a CDJ that would more than compete in the digital dimension of 2020 and beyond, this unit packs a serious punch and brings the CDJ back to the elite of the DJ world.

The Processor

The first place to start is the processor, which is all new on the CDJ-3000 with a multicore MPU that brings to the table more firepower allowing for faster loading times and smoother working. At launch the features that harness the processor are less than a fraction of what it can do in the future with further releases of firmware that we are sure will excite.

The Screen

Arguably one of the biggest upgrades to the CDJ-3000 is the screen. Gone is the CDJ-2000NXS small screen that felt almost out of sync with the newest kit in town from Denon. The screen this time around is now 9 inches but in full HD that is designed to harness the 3 band waveform found inside Rekordbox v6 (v6.1.0 at the time of writing)

Road Test

In store we have a pair of CDJ-3000 players plugged into a DJM-V10 mixer, a RMX-1000 and a PLX-1000 turntable with Pro-DJ Link enabled as well as using NEO cables for the audio. The playback is as smooth as ever with a big improvement on the CDJ-2000NXS2s that are also in the showroom. The screen is perfect for those coming from a controller background who are used to seeing both waveforms in one place.

Using a USB prepared inside Rekordbox 6.1.0 allows for a simple plug and play with custom settings for each DJ.

Playing on the new CDJ’s is as it should be, silky smooth with even faster load time and no un-wanted wastage around the unit.

The one thing you will have to get used to is the touchscreen being larger and more effective than in the CDJ-2000NXS2, bringing you a more involved feel to the way you mix and select tracks than in previous versions.

The only part of the unit that has not been road-tested just yet is the smartphone support from the Rekordbox iOS application which we plan on doing a separate post upon in the not to distant future post as the future does involve mobile devices especially for the travelling DJ.

Bringing It Back

To put it mildly, the CDJ-3000 is the evolution of a legend that has become the weapon of choice of 99% of club DJs the world over (albeit with a couple of exceptions) With the CDJ-2000NXS2 starting the slow sail into the sunset, the CDJ-3000 is primed and waiting to step into its considerably large shoes when we are all back in the clubs.

You can pre-order the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 online today or by getting in touch to arrange an in-store appointment.