The question of Virtual DJ..?

Virtual DJ is a hugely popular DJ software package. It's available in so many different versions... probably a few too many. However, it also comes bundled with some of the best selling USB controllers out there.

Virtual DJ Virtual DJ

It's a regular question - "Is this Virtual DJ any good..?"

There's not a working day that passes without that question being posed upon the DJ Tech Direct staff. Ask us that question and we will answer you with one of two answers: If used with one of its intended USB controllers - YES! If you're asking because you downloaded a dodgy copy, or your mate got you a copy, then probably.. NO! The reason we say this is Virtual DJ offers a wealth of performance features. Depending on the way you use it and the control surface you choose to interface with your computer, you may not even get anywhere near them. Numark-N-software Take the Numark N4 or the Pioneer DDJ Ergo V for instance. Both controllers run a 'custom' skinned version of Virtual DJ. And both therefore offer direct access to all of the controls and ability of the Virtual DJ software. The Numark N4 operates like a true 4-deck console. The 4 faders make it feel like the 4 decks are right in front of you, despite only having two jog wheels. Don't that forget the jog wheels operate as layers. Each wheel controls 2 decks, by the push of button they alternate to the other - easily and quickly. If you're trying to mix 4-decks on this edition of Virtual DJ without a control surface, you'll most likely be giving Virtual DJ a fastly assumed thumbs-down. pioneer_ddj_ergo_v_software Same goes for the Pioneer DDJ Ergo V - still a 4-deck controller in every sense but rather than just putting the physical deck control in layers (like the N4), the Pioneer DDJ Ergo V puts the faders and mixer control into layers too. Don't worry though. With the simple flipping and colour coordination on the screen GUI of Virtual DJ, the layers are far more intuitive than you'll ever have believed. With both of these fantastic controllers, you get direct access to the fantastic additional functions of Virtual DJ. For instance, Virtual DJ has built-in sample banks. Both controllers allow you to trigger them and control the volume of the sample, even mixing them in time with your DJ set. Try doing that without a control interface on your mate's dodgy software! numark_dj2go Virtual DJ isn't exclusive to USB controllers at any particular price-point. For instance, you'll get a version of Virtual DJ software with the Numark DJ2GO USB controller. Pioneer-DDJ-WeGO-range You also get a 4-deck version with the Pioneer DDJ WeGo too - again with direct access to many of the fantastic features at your finger tips, via the Pioneer DDJ WeGo control surface. So all price-points are covered. This isn't an exclusive view of Virtual DJ either - we'd apply the same to Native Instruments Traktor, MixVibes or any other DJ software platform. DJing from computer software, by using a mouse and leaning over your laptop as if your offering IT support, is nothing but uninspiring, boring and predictable. For this reason, we'd say any DJ software that robotically takes your music and mixes a playlist like iTunes with BPM matching technology is not really any good.

Put a HUMAN in control of DJ software -whether it's DVS or USB controller based - and give them the ability to control the benefits of the software creatively, like applying effects, mixing in samples, mixing 4-tracks at once and responding to the energy of the music or venue and then we'll happily give it a resounding thumbs up!